Jan 17, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Hello Everyone! Sorry it's been so long......:-) How was your Sunday? Ours went really well. We went to church (of course!) and then there was a pot-luck, then I talked with my friends. It was a great service as usual. Also my aunt came to visit from Bismarck and we are very glad to have her here! =D After we got home, we went to our neighbors' (and also relatives'!!!) farm and went sledding down a nice hill they've got by their house. We had lots of fun and we went snowmobiling afterward. And (ooohhhh scary!) there was a small engine fire which my dad put out! :-)
(sigh) what a long day this has been! I'll have noooo problem getting to sleep tonight......I must have walked 2 miles with all the walking up & down the hill!
Anyway......have a nice week! God bless y'all!

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