Feb 4, 2010

An Encouraging Story

There was once a woman who needed a little encouragement and was feeling a little depressed. She had just gone to a conference by Beth Moore, and felt a little better. When she was flying the plane back home, she noticed she just 'happened' to be on the same plane as Beth Moore herself! (I don't really follow Beth Moore,because she's an adult woman teacher thing, but my mom follows her and that's how I found this story! :D) So, she sat down, and the flight attendants asked her to move because someone needed this certain place. She was a bit hesitant at first, but remembering her testimony for Christ and that Beth Moore was on the plane (:D) she got up. Then she sat down and Beth Moore came and sat with her and they chatted until they Mrs. Moore got off of the plane.

What a perfect set-up! What if she had dug in and refused to give up her seat? She wouldn't have gotten to sit by Beth Moore and get encouraged! Just remember God really looks ahead and when He needs you to do something, it's for a good reason!


Kaianne said...

Wow this is a great story!

Lily said...

I love stories like this! God cares for all His children. He is so good! He sent Beth Moore to this lady to help cheer her up! Isn't His works amazing?
Thank you for sharing, Lulu!