Feb 3, 2010

My Week

This week has gone well! Today, my sister, my friend, and I went to piano lessons today and they went really well! My sister got an excellent report from our teacher....way to go, Ruthie! After that, we went to our friend's house for about three hours. It was lots of fun! Yesterday, February 2nd, was my 12th birthday! Yahoo! It feels GREAT to be twelve. :) I went out to eat with a friend I hadn't seen since camp, in AUGUST, and it was so much fun! :) Thanks, guys! On Friday is the Spelling Bee, which our family really looks forward to.

I plan to enter a contest put on by the Adventures in Odyssey team. I'm sure many have heard of the Christian CD stories for kids. :) In this contest, you get to film a scene of any of the episodes they have produced, and send it in to them. The grand champion gets 51 albums! Each album has about 15 episodes, so do the math! The three runners-up will get the Encore and Platinum collection. I am really hoping to win, of course, but if I don't, oh well. Go to this link: http://whitsendblog.org/contest
to learn more about how you can enter the contest. I highly encourage you to enter.

Signing off,


Lily said...

Thanks, Lulu! Yeah, I've definitely heard of Adventures in Odyssey. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Hope you had a wonderful day! I know...12 seems so much more exciting than 11..I remember how I felt when I turned 12...it was so awesome! May God richly bless you!

P.S. I'm nearly done with my mystery story! :)

Poppy Eyebright said...
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Poppy Eyebright said...

Lulu!! : ) Another blog! I love it!! Happy birthday, my dear friend!! I hope that we can see you again soon!
(I deleted my other comment when I realized that I had used your real name-oops!)

Lulu said...

Hello Poppy Eyebright! LOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog..it took me a little while to figure out who you were! I was like...I don't know a girl named Poppy Eyebright, but then I looked at your profile. :) I miss you so much! I suppose we'll see eachother at the homeschool convention??