Feb 15, 2010

Quiz Time Monday!

Hey everyone-that's right......it's quiz time Monday! Here are a few random questions.

1. What is the rule for 'ei' and 'ie'? Like as in weight and friend.
2. What is 225,254 divided by 4?
3. What color is my hair? (no peeking)
4. What country did Shi Tzu's (dogs) originate from?
5.(very easy!) Pete and Kate were walking down a bridge. Sue, Mary, John, Luis, and Ann joined them. How many were walking down the bridge then? (in equation format! not just the answer)
6. What is 5+2+13+18+3+2+4-2+5-2?
7. What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? Mary walked on the road.
8. (riddle) An electric train was going down the track. The wind was blowing west. What direction was the train's smoke blowing?
9. What color does red and yellow make?
10. What is this author's middle name? Louisa _______ Alcott
Have fun!!!!


Miss Jordan Elizabeth said...

1. 'i' before 'e', except after 'c' (and a some other exceptions, like 'weird' :D)

2. 56,313.5

3. brown

4. China

5. 2+5=7

6. 48

7. 'on the road'

8. um, since it was an electric train... if it was smoking, it was in trouble... I want to know which circuit blew out.

9. orange

10. May

BTW, did you notice the Book bomb going on at the Rebelution (which I totally made conspicuous on my blog) ???

~Jordan Elizabeth

PS- nice quiz!

Lily said...

Here are my answers! Thanks for posting dear Lulu!

#1. It goes, "i" before "e" but not after "c", or something like that. Now weight, that's something different.

Sorry Miss Jordan Elizabeth--it sounds like I'm copying you but I'm really not. I actually remember learning this.

#2. 56 313. 6

#3. Brunette

#4. no idea--(Japan or something? Sorry--I am clueless of dog breeds and that stuff :)

#5. two plus five equals seven. (2+5=7)

#7. ON THE ROAD, because if you take the whole phrase out, you can say 'Mary walked'.

#8. east?

#9. It makes orange!!! :)

#10. Mae. I know it's Mae, but is it spelled May or Mae? Doesn't really make a difference.

Thank you Lulu! These quizzes (if that's a word) are a lot of fun! They brighten up my Monday. :) Luv ya and God bless!
Lily Marie

Lulu said...

Thanks, Miss Lily! Except for number 8, it was a trick question. :) Thanks, I almost forgot to do it!!!

Lily said...

Oh, you're welcome Miss Lulu! Sorry I don't mean to boss you around every time Monday comes up...I'm just so excited for the quiz! Hurray! Oh yeah, and did I ever tell you that I absolutely LOVE the photo of you when you first open your site? Your so pretty! :) (Not an exaggeration either)