Mar 30, 2010

Some Birthdays (and more pictures =D)

Here are some other random pictures I've found. Enjoy them.

Okay, so, three of my friends had a birthday the 26th, the 27th, and the 28th. :) First of all, Miss Nell, had her 13th birthday, then my other friend, Renae, her birthday, then my dear miss Lily had her birthday on the 28th. They are all now thirteen! Wow. Love you ALL! I don't think Nell & Renae read my blog, but Lily sure does! Click HERE to go over to her sister Annie's blog and let her know you've been there. :)
I hope you three had a great birthday! I hope your teen years are a blessing! :) :) And also, Miss Susanna Wissmann had her birthday sometime earlier in March. I don't really *know* her that well.....:) but she is a lovely young lady..I've found through her sister's blog! :)

Sorry for such a short post, but, oh well.

Proclaiming His Name,



Lily said...

Aww, that's nice of you Lulu to post about my Happy Birthday :) and to add a link to my sister's blog! She's been kind of wanting more followers even though is EXTREMELY thankful for the ones she has, and they are quite a few considering her blog's only existed for a month.
Anyways, that violin is beautiful! :) I want to learn violin so bad and so does my sister Annie.
No problem about the short post. I luv all your posts. :)

Proclaiming His name as well,

Lulu said...

Thanks Miss Lily! :) Yeah-I got that violin a year ago.

Lily said...

No prob. Luv you lots and THANK YOU for answering my comment! You're pretty much the only REAL comment-answerer I've found so far. Rachel Wissmann is pretty faithful too, but that's off-topic. Gotta go!

Lily said...

P.S. If you'd like, head over and wish my little sis a happy b-day! Hers is four days after mine: and since mine was four days ago now, her b-day's today and my sis Annie posted.