Apr 13, 2010


I'm sorry everybody--I haven't posted in--ahem--12 days. SOSOSOSO sorry! Anyway--I'm back. A little update:

Friday: violin lessons
Saturday: church cleaning/sleepover with 2 of my best friends!!1
Sunday: church/friends back home/shopping and haircut/coming home/
Monday: town, seeing my aunt, going to Scheel's, riding the Ferris Wheel

So yeah-I've had an awesome week. :) Plus--today I am going AGAIN to violin--we had to reschedule. :) And tomorrow--my post will be on Meditations of His L0ve--a girls' devotional blog I really enjoy. Look for it there tomorrow! :) I'm now official substitute poster of the group! :) I really enjoy it--and Miss Rachel and Miss Sarah have really been a blessing. (and so have all you other young ladies, Jessica, Julia, Melinda, and Elizabeth!!)

I hope you'll forgive me for being so unfaithful!! Anyway. Have a great week.

P.S. Please pray for me--next month I'm trying out to be in the FMAYS Youth Symphony! If I make it, I'll play the violin. Also, my dear friend Miss Emma Lou will try out also, so if we both make it, we can ride together!


Lily said...

Thats okay about the no-posting thing. :) The reason I haven't been commenting lately is because I had a fever and a bad cough and small cold and was off the internet. So now I'm just getting over it (Praise the Lord!) and can check blogs again. Yay!!!! Sounds like you had a full week! Ours was pretty busy too. Yesterday (Thursday) we had a dress rehearsal for a play our church is putting on Sunday. We don't have any more practices and the real thing is coming up!! I am so excited. But I'd like you to pray for everything to go well, like the choreography for the songs, and pray that everyone says their lines at the right time... sometimes we have a little trouble with that. :) A LOT of relatives will be coming too, and there will be refreshments at the end. I am really excited and only somewhat nervous. All my friends are in the play too so it'll be fun!
Anyways, I've said enough. Gotta go!


Lily said...

P.S. I'll pray 4 you to make the Symphony!

Lulu said...

Thanks for the comments, Lily!! =D I will certainly pray that your play goes well-I love plays. =D LOL. I was in 'the Wind in the Willows'. It was lots of fun!! =D
Blessings to you dear.

Lily said...

Oh hey I forgot to tell you what the play was about! :0 It's about a lazy family and a diligent family. Sometime in the play they meet and the lazy family realizes how sluggard-ish they were behaving, and they decide it's better to be diligent than slothful, because the Bible says that poverty hits sluggards hard when they are lazy. It's really cute. :) (I'm the oldest lazy family child; I'm Janie)
Thanks for the prayer too!
Wind and the Willows play--that sounds like fun. :) Blessings!