Apr 29, 2010


Kidsville? You're wondering why I named the post that. Well~lately I have been listening to an Adventures in Odyssey episode, Kidsboro, and had an idea to build a little town (in our woods) and learn to be more independent. We have made separate houses for each of our members out of wood. We have a mayor (wanna guess who it is??), a Chief of police (my sis), a Captain of police (our friend Becca), a mailman (my little brother)...and just regular citizens. It is so much fun. I have my own little office (coinciding with my house =D) where I do my mayors' work. It is amazing how much more (in the past 2 days??) my littlest brother has been a 'lil bit more independent! He was kinda needy before-and in Kidsville he has learned to be a little more independent, which we are all glad of.

I will post pictures soon--I haven't brought my camera out there yet. :) I'm sure I'll post more news soon.

Kidsville Mayor,


P.S. I would recommend doing this with your younger siblings around your house (if you have any woods), it really takes you to love the outdoors and be more independent!


Gwyne said...

Neat Lulu! I think I have listened to those Kidsboro episodes. I liked them. Maybe I'll see you today- if you are coming to see the new Solhjem. Hugs!

Lulu said...

Thanks!! We went to see the JoAnna's baby last night He was sososo cute, wasn't he???? His teeny-weeny little toes almost just melted my heart! I'm totally impatient for our new little blessing to come!!!
P.S. Today we are going to Kindred for my 6th grade testing-my mom was wondering if maybe we could meet or something near Kindred (or at JoAnna's house)??? That would be fun.
P.P.S. I heard that my sis and I were invited to cousin camp again this year?? Yay!!!

Gwendolyn said...

Hello Lulu! I was disappointed not to see you! But I guess I'll see you in June. I am SO thrilled you can come! And Jack is just ADORABLE! So perfect. Yes- pretty soon you'll have one of your own! Love,

Lulu said...

Yes-I'm glad I'll see you next month @ cousin camp!!!! YAY! I'll get to see your new house! =D And the fair.......ahh...that was one of my highlights from last year! MISS YOU!
P.S. Jack is simply scrumptious!!! =D I love the name!!!

Poppy Eyebright said...

Ahhhh Jack is soooooooooooooooooo cute!! He's visiting soon(with Auntie Jo of course!) He won't be neglected! :D Hooray for cousin camp! One of my friends and her family will be singing at the fair-they do bluegrass music. Maybe I introduced you to her at the HS convention? She has red hair. Anyhow, I am rambling. See you in a month, dear! :D :D

Lulu said...

Yes I agree-Jack is soo cute. Which friend? Is it Hannah K? =D I know her from our home school group. Maybe it's not her, though.
Yes I agree~HOORAY FOR COUSIN CAMP. =D Sososo excited. Do you know when it's going to be? June???
Love ya.

Lily said...

Oh, Lulu; that is such a wonderful idea! I should try something like that! Sorry I've not been commenting; I was away like you saw from my sister Annie's blog. But now I'm back :) and I'm going to comment on every post you posted when I was away. Kidsville--awesome idea! Thanks again!

Resting in Christ,

Poppy Eyebright said...

It's my friend Heather-not the Heather who was at the last tea party. I think the fair is June 24-27, or something like that! Love Hayley