May 12, 2010

Symphony Tryout

Yesterday I tried out for our local junior high school symphony! I tried out with violin. I played the following things:
a D Major scale
an excerpt (they provided)
Concerto--1st movement (I selected)

It was lots of fun, and I prayed for God's will to be done-whether it was for me to be accepted, or to wait a year. :) I'll be content whatever the outcome.

Resting in HIS Arms,


Gwendolyn said...

I'm sure you did really good Lulu!
I'll be praying too.

Lulu said...

Thanks!!! :) =D It went really well-just waiting to find out whether I made it or not.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I am sure you did GREAT Lulu!
I also play the violin.
It is hard but fun.

Lily said...

I'm sure you did awesome,
Lulu! With love and prayers,

Lulu said...

Aww, thanks Jennifer and Lily!! :) You guys are so encouraing-Jennifer-good to hear from you, you haven't commented in a while!! :)

Poppy Eyebright said...

Hope you get in! Either way you're a great violinist! :D Hayley

Erin said...

So.... did you get in???? I hope so :-)

Lulu said...

Thanks guys~yes~today I found out and I made it in!! :) Thanks for praying. :) Sorry I've neglected posting here-I've been on vacation-will do a post on that soon.

Lily said...

YAY so glad you made it dear Lulu!! :D Praise the Lord!

Waiting 4 my Prince Charming (though he's still a long ways off),


Erin said...

That's great!!!

Gwendolyn said...

Congratulations Lulu!