Jun 14, 2010


My friend that I met at camp, Christina, came to our house Wednesday and stayed until Sunday!!! We had so much fun together.

She, along with her 2 brothers, were adopted from Thailand when they were very young. Their story is very sweet! On Sunday we went and had a picnic at a park with their family. We enjoyed getting to know them better, and they are a very neat family. They have 4 kids, Nathan, Christina, Josiah, and Grace. The park was lots of fun.

Probably my highlight of the whole week was taking Christina with me to my Jr. High SS class. All of my class-mates were happy to meet her, and the class was great!!! Mr. Bob is a great teacher. :)

I'm SO SORRY for the lack of pictures!! My camera is out of battery and I can't find my charger. QUITE a problem, huh??? Haha. Definitely when I do find it, I will post pictures. :)

Anyway, thanks Christina for the great time, can't for the next time I get to see you!!! I love you, girl!!!!
Signing off,
P.S. Check out this link to hear a great song remix by Go Fish, called Blessed Assurance.

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