Jun 2, 2010


Hello friends,
How are you doing? I'm doing great!! Have you ever heard of MercyMe? They are a Christian band that I really like.

My favorite songs are 'All of Creation' and 'Move'. Move is really upbeat and easy to dance to. My favorite part about them is that they are sold out for Christ and proclaim it in their music, and they are easy to listen to and fun!! :)

Just thought I'd share another of my favorite Christian artists!!
Here are more:
the Wissmann Family!!
Britt Nicole
Casting Crowns (they are so good)
Go Fish
Remedy Drive
Newsboys (I went to their concert last month!)
Sonic Flood
Kari Jobe (she sings great worship songs and has such a soft sweet voice!)

Singing for CHRIST,


Nikki said...

I love Mercy ME!

Lulu said...

:) Yep, me too.