Jul 13, 2010

4th of July pictures!!

Above picture: cousin deanna with niece abi
above pic: me L deanna R (aren't we cute?)
above pic: L to R: me, my aunt JoAnna, cousin Jessica with daughter, Johanna, my mom
above picture: cousin laurie with daughter abi
above picture: abi with auntie's dog sunny


Lily said...

That SOUNDS like an awesome time, but unfortunately the photos aren't showing up on my computer. Hopefully it's only this computer (I think it's gradually dying on us) and everything will clear up soon. But anyways, I'm glad you had a great 4th weekend! My family sure did!


P.S. Please see my other comment on your Wissmann family post. :) Oh, and did you see my sister Annie's post about the Wissmann Musical we went to? Just wondered! It was AMAZING!!! Hope you have as much fun at the one you're going to!

Lulu said...

Dear Lily,
No, I don't think it's your computer, because other people on Buzz (kinda like Facebook) can't see the pictures either...:(
I'm glad you had a great 4th.
Thanks for your nice long comment!!

Lily said...

Thanks for answering, Lulu!! (I love posting loooong comments)

Anyways, which Wissmann concert was your family going to? I can't remember, sorry! Is it the Family Bluegrass Festival?

Lulu said...

Yes, it is the Lake Itaska Family Bluegrass Festival.
We are very excited! :) It's not actually just the Wissmanns, it's a bunch of different bluegrass Christian families doing separate concerts. I'd imagine most of them know each other!! :)Actually my friend Becca's grandparents, the Berge's own it!! It's a great time! Maybe some year your family can come! :)

Lily said...

maybe some year I can come, Lulu!! again, thanks for answering! It's so sweet. =D