Jul 1, 2010


(the top picture: one of the prizes, a tin of adorable clay creations by Samantha! What a great prize; thanks for donating them! And then I'm not able to put pictures of the adorable cards on, but Maddie made them.)

I won Miss Laney's giveaway! I'm really excited for the great prizes! Thanks, Laney! I appreciate you and your lovely blog! It's soo adorable-even my mom loves reading it. =D

Thanks again!!



Gwendolyn said...

Congratulations on winning the givaway! I really like the new blog title and look :D.

Gwendolyn said...

P. S. We had a fantastic time with you gals at the fair!

Laney said...

Your welcome! Congratulations on winning!! :)

Oh, and my sister didn't make the cards! A different Madison did! :)

I like your new template, too! The colors are super cute!

Lulu said...

@Gwendolyn: Yes, the fair was fun!
@Laney: Whoops.........haha

Lily said...

CONGRATULATIONS dear Lulu! That prize looks so sweet and not to mention CUTE! Congrats again and sorry for not being very faithful in commenting lately. I was away.

Lulu said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Lily! I had missed you, but I know how being away is, don't feel bad!
I read on your sister's blog about your getting to see the Wissmanns! How very exciting! I'm excited to see them this year at the local Christian Bluegrass Festival!
With Love,