Sep 25, 2010

Our Baby Boy is Named.....

Sweet little guy
Brother and baby
Elijah Truitt!

We love him so much. Here are some more pictures.

Grandma and baby (baby's kinda funny looking in this one :D)
Brother and Elijah


Annie said...

Thanks for your comment, Lulu!
Oh, your little brother is so, so sweet! =) Thanks for the photos.
Joyfully in Christ,

Erin said...

Great name!!!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Your little brother is so adorable! Babies are a such a blessing from the Lord, aren't they?! I would love to have another brother or sister, if the Lord wills!


Lily said...

That's such a cute name--and he is such a little bundle of sweetness! Simply adorable, thank you for the pictures!

Hope Marie said...

Cute name!I need your email if you would like to be interveiwed,just leave it in a comment and I will NOT publish it.

Emma Lou said...

Cute!!! I love him!!

Make a blog button!!

Your Friend,
Emma Lou

Lulu said...

Annie - No problem for the comment. Thanks for yours. :)
Erin - thanks! I love the name Elijah!
Elizabeth - Oh yes, they definitely are a blessing - that would be neat if you could have another brother or sister!
Lily - oh, yes, the pictures were a joy to post.
Hope - thanks for commenting!! I left a comment at your blog.
Emma Lou - you held him, didn't you? :) I love him, too.

Have a good day everybody!

Gwendolyn said...

What a little cutie... how did you pick out the name Elijah Truitt? Just curious:). ~ Gwynne