Nov 27, 2010

{two things on friday}

 Pt. 1, Black Friday Shopping

Yes, we went crazy and went black Friday shopping! We got up at 6:00 am and were to town by 6:30. We {my mom, sister, baby brother, my aunt, her baby boy} arrived at about 6:45. It's amazing what great deals you can get even if you don't get there in the middle of the night! I got a nice pair of jeans for $12, originally $32! That's a pretty good deal and it's hard to find good jeans under $20. My mom also got this little mini vacuum for $16 that was originally $40, plus a couple of other items. We had a pretty lovely time!

Pt. 2, California Friends

After we got home from shopping, our friends came from Los Angeles, California. They are originally from North Dakota, and they come about every other year.

They moved there

Anna is in eighth grade, 13 years old. She's my closest friend out of their family! She's got this amazing blonde hair and these incredible blue eyes. Since she left, her & I have been texting constantly. Her full-keyboard cell phone must be pretty handy for that.

Her brother Josiah, 12, is quite the comedian and is always making everyone laugh. Once, we were all playing Apples to Apples and he said
"Yes, a circle. Circular. Round. That thing that doesn't have any points, angles, or sides?"
that may not seem funny to you but sarcasm is one thing I burst into laughter about {most of the time..}.

Jesse is 16 and very, very entertaining to our little guys. :) He's got teenager-California-style-hair {which is shoulder-lengthed...uh, yeah} and is really musical. His sister reports that he can play any instrument he picks up! 

I took a few pictures which I'll post soon. Until then, talk to you later.

Until Next Time, Lulu

Here's a picture! Josiah isn't in there, though....
{Anna and Jesse, brother and sister}


Kendra said...

Sounds fun! :D

Lily said...

Looks like a lovely family! Anna is so pretty; she and I are the same age! I'm sure ya'll have blasts together. And wow, you were brave to go Black Friday shopping! (it's amazing the great deals you find, though) We most likely would have, but we were gone at a Thanksgiving dinner. ;)