Dec 27, 2010

miscellany monday

1. Christmas celebrations
On Christmas Eve we went to town to see a play called 'The Christmas Shoes'. It was an excellent play with a clear and powerful message. After that, we went to grandparent's house for pizza. Our single grandma came out to our farm to sleep over on Christmas eve, and that was fun. Our dad always reads 'Twas The Night Before Christmas', which is a big family tradition not easily broken. Then the kids all sleep under the tree with a sleeping bag. In the morning we opened our stockings and found all sorts of little goodies in there. After the stockings, we read the Christmas story from Luke 2 and sang a few Christmas carols accompanied by the piano. Then we tromped back down to the family room and opened our presents. Mom and Dad decided to do 'Wise Men Gifts'. One spiritual gift, one thing that we need, and one thing that we want. This was a very useful plan and I like everything I got. Next, we opened our grandma's presents. My favorite gift from her was my iHome, docking and charging for my iPod. And it's pink, which is always an added bonus. After present opening, we had a brunch complete with egg bake, fruit, juice, and more. The kids went out sledding, getting pulled behind a four wheeler, while I stayed inside chatting with my grandma and mom. Then our other set of grandparents came over and we had fun downstairs playing Wii and other miscellaneous things. What an awesome Christmas it was! (sorry, that was kind of long....)

2. Violin Paradise

My sister got a Wii game called 'Violin Paradise', where you can 'learn to play' these stringed instruments: violin, viola, and cello. Since I have a big love of cello and violin, I can't wait to play this game. I don't know, it looks kind of fun, and easier than playing real instruments. :)

3. 37 followers?!
(you might have chuckled if you have 100 followers or more...but hey!)You guys are amazing! Thanks for following, even though my goal is 50 followers by the New Year (help me out with that, maybe?) but I'm still so excited that I have 37 followers, even though that's a fraction of followers compared to most of my blogging friends. Oh well, I'm thankful for all the lovelies who do follow. :) (and the people who aren't able to follow but still read this little blog.)

4. iPod credit
One of my Christmas presents was $10 to spend on my iPod touch. So far I've bought 3 songs, which are 99 cents each. The songs are 1) Sunshine Girl by Britt Nicole
                                      2) Ready by Britt Nicole 
                                            3) Light Up the Sky by The Afters {watch the video below, very beautiful and powerful song! it's amazing!}


↘Cassidy↙ said...

cool post, btw, did you get my entry for that photo contest? tell me if you didn't...i really want to make sure you got it. :)

Lulu said...

Yep, I got your entry. :)

Diana said...

hahah Thats how many followers I have, I hope you get your followers before the year ends.

Lily said...

Yes, I had a wonderful Christmas as well! And what a lovely post! Here's some randoms about me.

1. I love cooking! Even if I'm no good. (yes, very random.)

2. I love playing in the snow! Right now my sister and I are building an igloo that has sat for a couple days, waiting for warmer weather to arrive so the snow is better for packing!!

3. We got a miracle on Christmas Eve: huge flakes floating down everywhere onto the soft white snow already on the ground. What a God-send!

4. Christmas decorations!
I LOVE them so much!

5. Spending time with my family and friends are definitely favorite times!

That's it for now. Happy 37 followers! I HOPE you make 50 by new years!

Loving Him because He first loved me,
{and with lotsa hugs too},


Michaela ~ said...

Hey LuLu! :) Thank you for the comment on my blog! I am excited to get to know you...and I'm about to follow your blog too. Right now. Signing off so I can. :D

~ Blessings

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

oh lulu, you are so sweet! i was homeschooled too! have fun with your new music. your blog is precious. i'm following you! : ) have a wonderful new year. thanks so much for joining in miscellany monday!

Sarah said...

Hello Lulu,

I am new around here.. found your blog through "The last rose of summer" blog (micheala's).

It is very cute! I am glad I stopped by!! If you want, you can stop by my blog:

I just posted, but maybe tomorrow or the day after, I can put up something about you wanting more followers.. maybe some text on the side?? Just to help you out. :)

Have a wonderful evening!

In Christ's Service,

Lilac Bud Gal said...


Working on that sidebar text right now! Aw, you are very sweet!! :) I you like to put my blog somewhere, then feel free. I would appreciate it.

In Christ's service,

Lilac Bud Gal said...

PS I just chagned my user name to Lilac Bud Gal, but I am still Sarah! :)

anna :) said...

thanks for following my blog lulu! :)

and i LOVE that song by the afters. prettyyyy epic.

anna :)