Dec 6, 2010

The Orchestra Performance

As some of you may know, I'm in a Junior High Concert Strings Orchestra. I play the oh-so-beautiful violin, and yesterday afternoon we had our first performance!

The first song was 'Barber of Seville'. Some of you may recognize that song from 'Bugs Bunny', it's a very cute and mysterious-sounding song, even though it was for sure the most difficult to master.

We had 'Dance of the Reed Flutes' from The Nutcracker Ballet. We had lovely ballerinas from the Camria Ballet accompany us. I was very distracted from playing my violin, because I was often tempted to watch the beautiful dancers! Their costumes were so pretty, and really sparkled. (we are accompanying their ballet on Saturday!)

We also had 'Christmas Concerto'. It's a very relaxing song (my grandpa said he almost fell asleep) and a beautiful Christmas song.

We had " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" featuring, Mrs. Mary King! Mrs. King is a 99-year-old lady, a dear and very funny. We'd play little ditties from several songs, and she would say parts of the well-known Christmas story 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'. I think she was a hit.

For the last and my favorite song, we had Sarajevo (aka Christmas Eve). This was an amazing sounding rock song with drums, two electric guitars, and an electric violin. The drums were amazing, electric guitar rocking out, and I just loved the sound. Er, other than I sat inches in front of the drum set. I could tell Mr. Drum Player was sorry for making my ears hurt, but the drum sound was totally worth it! My grandma said the lady next to her was bawling because of the sound. It was pretty amazing to play, and we got a huge round of applause.

Thank you, Mr. Brian Cole, for being an amazing conductor! We'd never have done it without ya! :) Even if you do get hard and strict on us at times, you still add in your hilarious humor and keeps us all pumping along. Can't wait for the 2nd semester!

Ah...the joys being a string player can be! (I'm sorry, I don't have any pictures....! Maybe next time!)

Your Musically Obsessed,


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Lily said...

How fun! I would love to learn violin, but there are so many activities going on right now that lessons are next to impossible. And I'm content with piano, I suppose, because it is soooo lovely and I hope to play for church sometime in the next few years!