Dec 26, 2010

some Christmas surprises

Since one of my Christmas presents was Picnik Premium, I decided to do a little font collage through Picnik with my Christmas presents {big or small}. I would really love if you'd link up with me and do a post similar to this *grin*.

1. This is probably  my favorite Christmas gift. I have been discovering amazing premium fonts on Picnik, collages, effects, and several more amazing features. :) note: all fonts on the collage are premium fonts! 

2. This may have confused you. That's okay though. :) It's a docking and charging station for my iPod. It can also play FM radio and has an alarm clock feature.

3. I love Old Navy jeans. Probably because of their fit, style, and...oh I don't know. I just love them!

4. This devotional book was called 'God's Girl' and my parents got it for me. I can't wait to finish reading it. Devotional books are always a good gift for me.

5. This came from my grandpa. :) Grandpas normally do that when they don't know what to buy for their teenage granddaughters......that's what I'd do, too. :)

6. *chuckle chuckle* You of those full body suits useful for pajamas, snowmobiling underclothes, and more? :) We each got one (girls got pink, boys got red) and I think they will be very practical.

7. This was an amazing gift even though I had never heard of it. This little gal (or guy, I don't know) is a very soft stuffed animal (yes, I'm still into those.), but when you undo the Velcro, you get an amazing pillow!

8. Anything from Bath & Body Works will please me, but Warm Vanilla sugar is my ABSOLUTE favorite set! I am a very vanilla-type person and....well......

9. I love necklaces and my aunt and uncle gave me a beautiful silver one with a treble clef sign for the charm. Beautiful, beautiful.

10. :) In case you don't have Cold Stone in your area (it's amazing) it's an ice cream shop that has a very unique way of making ice cream. :) You'll just have to go there to find out (let's meet there for a 'Gotta Have It' {their biggest ice cream size}!).

11. I love practical items. :) Surprise, right? Grinning...grinning. Anyway. This notebook will be nice for school (once we start again after the New Year) and organizing my various papers.

12. Yay -- I've already bought 2 songs. :) Got any suggestions for other songs I could buy? (or games? haha)

13. and one surprise was that mom brought down a brand-new bedspread set. beautiful green color and i love it for my bed. :) thanks mom!

I am so blessed. I am thankful for a family that can afford to buy gifts to exchange with dearly loved family. It means so much. From special little stocking stuffers (I won't go there, I got lots of stuff in mine), to big and exquisite gifts, they are each a heartfelt blessing!

Have a Happy New Year!
P.S. Like my new design?
P.P.S. I'd love to know what YOU received for Christmas! :)


Abby said...

What a cute pillow! Yes, I love stuffed animals too. :D

Oh my! I got the same exact set from Bath and Body Works! Coincidence? I think not. :)

Oooh... I've been to Coldstone... and it is delicious! :D

I'm glad you had a good Christmas! May the rest of 2010 and all of 2011 be filled with blessings.

Abby :D

Lily said...

Merry Christmas!! (and a happy new year!)

That little pillow pet is adorable, Lulu! It sounds like you received so many lovely things.
Hey, would you mind posting a picture of your music note necklace? I think I have the exact same one! It's silver and has the little smooth treble clef sign as a charm.
Anyway. Some nice things I received for Christmas this year is a watch (which is incredibly beautiful and I love it, from my dear parents), notebooks and journals galore, gel pens, books (lots of em too! :D), glitter putty, and a CD for all of us to share. There's more too, but I'm running out of time and have to go. So, have a happy new year!

Thanking God for His Son,
(and with lots of hugs too,)