Jan 11, 2011

confession talk tuesday

Anna at Bella Vita is having an every-Tuesday link-up! It's called Confession Talk Tuesday, where we post our confessions on our blogs. I love this idea, can't wait to get started!

Confession: I really {and I mean really} need a shower.

Confession: I'm an HTML nut. Whenever I conquer an HTML bug, shivers go down my spine. ;-)

Confession: I am sick of January already. February, here we come!

Confession: I don't cry at even very emotional movies. I am not that sensitive. :( Is this good or bad?

Confession: I hate pizzicato on my violin. The ironic thing is, I just got a song in orchestra where we have to pluck the whole song....

Confession: Every time Olivia at {of}HorseFeathers posts, I smile really big and drop what I'm doing to read her posts. Same thing with Maggie at Bliss.

Confession: I love my 61 followers!

Confession: When people use the word 'myself' incorrectly (as in: John, myself, and Suzy...), I feel like correcting them and giving them a little grammar lesson. Why don't people realize that reflexive pronouns have to reflect back on something? Argh! :(

Confession: I am a science fanatic. Even the hard-to-understand stuff.

Confession: I love confessions......

Confession: I am wearing a pair of gray sweatpants right now that are too small.....but who cares? *sigh*

Confession: Boy, I really need a shower.

Confession: I'm considering having a giveaway soon..what do y'all think? Hmm...

Confession: I am very excited for the Sherwood movie 'Courageous' to be released. Eep! Eep!

Confession: I think I'll be done with confessions now.

Confession Talk Tuesday


Megan.Margaret said...

I used to NEVER cry. I wanted to, but I just COULDN'T. Sometimes it is still that way, but it is much easier lately. I have no secret to it, it just happened :) Just make sure you aren't bottling up all your emotions. [that was my problem]

Anna Gray said...

Hi Lulu! Thank you so much for linking up! I enjoyed reading all of your confessions, and I NEED a shower too (I have been out in the snow for a looong time and am in desperate need). That is great that you have 61 followers now (Actually, you now have 62 because I'm following!).

Have a lovely Tuesday! =)

Lily said...

So much fun! I just love confessions! Can I do my own? :D

Confession: I can totally relate to not crying at movies, even the saddest ones like Christmas Shoes. Mostly I don't cry only because I don't like showing my real emotions in front of others. So I just bottle it all up and try not to let anyone know. But then if I watch movies by myself I can get really teary.

Confession: I DID need a shower, but I took one and I'm all clean now! :D (sorry...at least we're all girls, right?)

Confession: I'm thinking about starting a blog but I'm way too busy right now.

Confession: I have a lot of school to get done.

Confession: I LOVE frosting on cinnamon twists!!! (I had one for breakfast!)

Confession: I have to stop or this comment will never end. ;)


Gwendolyn said...

But didn't you cry when you first watched
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?