Jan 3, 2011

review: dawn treader

Let me start this review with saying: this movie is the best movie I've seen so far from this series! They stayed way more to the plot of the actual book which is always great. The acting was terrific! Georgie Henley {Lucy} and Skandar Keynes {Edmund} did an amazing job as always, and Ben Barnes {Caspian} and Will Poulter {Eustace} were awesome, too. Eustace is hilariously funny and I'm glad Will Poulter played his part.

This movie wasn't as violent as Prince Caspian or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but there was one pretty graphic scary scene with a sea serpent. I was amazed at how life-like and realistic it looked though! Even though it was very graphic, it was one of the best parts in the movie.

One thing they added to the movie that wasn't in the book was a little girl who came with her father aboard. I do like the added drama it added to the flick, it just wasn't in the book.

My very favorite part was the end. It was so sweet and I felt like crying {but my mom did!}. You must see this movie! This is definitely my favorite in the whole series and I'd go back again and again! And again!

Another thing is: did you know they're auditioning the part of Jill Pole in the Silver Chair right now? Anyone want to board a plane to England with me so we can audition together? *grin*



Lily said...

Ooh! Sign me up; I'd love to be Jill Pole! ;)
I can't wait for the Silver Chair to come out! It's going to be great. =D
I agree that the Narnia movies just keep getting better and better! Your review was very accurate. I LOVE how they added Gayle and her father in there, it was so sweet and more realistic, if that makes sense.
The whole movie exceeded anything I expected and totally blew me away! It was just perfect. Thanks for the review!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lulu! Run over to my blog for a surprise! ;)

Gwendolyn said...

It sounds really neat! And about auditioning for Jill Pole-- I volunteer to go with you ;D!