Apr 1, 2011


I'm back! The media challenge was so wonderful for me (even though I did miss Internet a little..). I spent more time in God's Word, I played more with my siblings, and got creative and did other things in my free time. I'd highly recommend taking a month off the computer if you need help with all of this! It pays off! I don't regret it one bit.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened when I was gone is....

i got a C-E-L-L-O!

My cello is my BABY! I wipe every inch of rosin dust off. I carefully take it out of my case. I don't let anyone touch it without me there. Let's just say it's highly protected. :) Today (Friday) is my first lesson. I am super excited for it. The cello has been a breeze to learn since I already play violin and piano. It has this deep beautiful and RICH sound and is so easy to play. (pictures will be provided in my earliest convenience)

Also this month I got to go to visit my aunt with my grandma. We had a blast! Shopping & eating occupied almost the whole time but we had great late-night girl chats too. It was an awesome little road trip. 

Oh yes, looking for a great mystery story? Read Always Watching by Brilynn and Amberly Collins! Talk about an awesome mystery! It's teen Christian fiction, probably too scary for anyone under 13. Just warnin' ya. ;)

I'm doing awesome, and so is my family. I love my life<3 

Can't wait for comments! 


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Lulu. I missed your awesome posts.

Lily said...

YAY, welcome back!!! =D

I'm considering taking a good amount of time off the computer too, Lulu, since it would definitely be good for me. I'm so happy you got your cello! ;) Sounds like you are really having great times with it.
I'm so glad your back! Luv ya!
Much ♥,

Gwendolyn said...

Congratulations Lulu! Waiting for pictures :)!


↘Cassidy↙ said...

cool post! have fun with the cello!

Anonymous said...

yay! you're back!!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Congrats on completing a whole month off of blogging! I did miss your cheery posts, but what a great challenge! I really considered taking it, but it turned out that I decided not to for some reasons. But I really would like to do so sometime in the future. I'd really like to hear more of your thoughts about your blogging break!

And congrats on your new cello! How exciting!


Miss RJ said...

Welcome back dear! Congrats on getting a cello!

Glad you are back! I missed reading your posts! ;)

Miss RJ

Hannah said...

Congrats!! I couldn't make it even a day... *COUGH* I have gone a whole week with NO computer, though.

Emma Lou said...

When do I get to play it?

Emma Lou