Apr 29, 2011

my name is lulu

Thanks to the photographer, my dear sister! :):) We loved going outside yesterday to take these pictures.
Yellow top: Kohl's
Lace camisole: Wet Seal
Jeans: Aeropostale


Anonymous said...


Bethany Grace said...

I love the photos. ;) And the shirt, of course.

Rachel said...

You're beautiful!You look fragile for some reason. I love the shirt!

Shelley said...

Great photos, and nice outfit! :)

Emma Lou said...

Ohhhh.... the joys of living in the country! I don't wear shoes... :) It's easier not to! I did my school outside today! I couldn't bear looking out the window at the weather! It was calling! I do have a letter mostly written... hang on friend.

Emma Lou

Anna Olivia said...

Cuteness! =)

Lily said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yellow shirt, Lulu! I also recently got a new yellow shirt from Kohls. It's not the same as yours and a little more dressy, but I like it a lot! I love Kohls clothes, but they can be expensive, ya know? :(
=D Hugs,