Jun 21, 2011

sponsors, anyone?

i would like to have a giveaway, you know, like a summer kick-off giveaway. i'd like to have a lot of prizes, so if you have something to offer (a professional photo, jewelry, professional blog design, crafts, sewing, etc), please  email me at { luluemailme@gmail.com }. if you don't have anything to offer, please look around for someone who does! i'd like to have about 20-30 prizes, but this is only possible if i have lots of willing sponsors. 

thank you.


Arianna Marie said...

The woman who owns an Etsy shop called "Innocinch" is a great person to ask! She is on my sponsors page on my blog, if you are interested :)

Abby said...

I sometimes make jewelry... but I'm not too sure if it's professional enough. I can't think of anyone that does sponsors, though. I hope you get some soon!

Sarah H said...

Would you be interested in giving away a copy of my book?


delaney said...

Definitely check out Aleks Handmade on Etsy - she also has a blog. She's super super sweet and makes adorable hair accessories. :)

Lulu Maggie said...

Hey Delaney,

Thanks for the idea. What's her blog name?