Jul 26, 2011

God's love.

God loves us - unconditionally! He loves us when we are frustrated with Him, when we're questioning His plans. He loves us even when we deny His name. He loves us when we fail to read our Bibles and pray every day. He loves us no matter how we act. He always is ready to forgive us when we do wrong.  He's loves us when we are lonely and broken. He loves us every day, always, no matter what - His love is unending, and unchanging.

A song that reminds me of his constant love is the song 'Unchanging' by the Rubyz.
This is the chorus:

Your love is the kind I wanna know
Through the pain, through the tears
they won't let me go
Even when I'm just a slave to emotion
Unending, unchanging
Your love is the kind I wanna see 
In my heart, in my soul
Every part of me
Your hands made the stars in the universe
Unending, unchanging

photo: pinterest

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Sarah H said...

God's love is amazing!