Sep 21, 2011

autumn photography

hello, autumn.
i see you've made your entrance.
i'm so very glad you're here.

there ya got it.....:) 

you all just go and have an excellent day for me, k?
and while you're at it, hop on over to my design blog and check it out! ;) please?
okay, you can go :)


Emma Lou said...

Where did you learn to take pictures?

I really like the... THEM ALL!!

See you the 30th????

Emma Lou

Lulu Maggie said...

Emma Lou - :) Thanks so much....I guess a mixture of teaching myself/tips from our two professional photographers Aimee and Savannah. :) Thanks girl, you're pretty amazing at it too!

Yes, I can't wait for COURAGEOUS! :)

Love you!
~lulu maggie

Gwendolyn said...

Nice photography! The 2nd one down is my favorite. :)