Oct 7, 2011

autumn ramblings

i just love autumn. 
don't you?
the weather,
the pretty leaves,
the holidays,
the birthdays,
the everything.

...and most importantly,
the photography opportunities.

{photos from pinterest.com}

what are your favorite things about autumn?
please comment, i'd appreciate it so much. 
thank you, beautiful daughters of the King. 


Sierra said...

Definitely the leaves, nip in the wind and air, warm sweaters with good books(especially fantasy books), boots and jeans, good times and memories with friends. Christmas around the bend :) I agree with you about the opportunities :) Sierra
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

Andrea Nicole said...

Hey lulu!! ive missed talking to you, blogger friend! I love those gorgeous pictures :) the colors are definitely a beautiful part of Autumn!