Dec 21, 2011


hello, blog readers! i hope i still have some. :) how are you all? i haven't blogged in such a long time. i have been doing absolutely terrific! last weekend i went to visit my friend becca s., who lives 4 hours away from me. when i got there, there was a surprise awaiting - two of my other friends (her closest friends) mariah & katherine were there for a sleepover, plus i got to meet her other friend sierra. all wonderful, beautiful young girls! we had a b.l.a.s.t.......and yes, i have pictures. :)

 L to R - Lulu, Katherine, Becca, Sierra

 My beautiful BeccaBoo.

 Here we are again...

 And again.

 And again.

 Katherine is soo beautiful.
 I'm katherine's babbbbyyy

 i won't even try to explain this picture or the following one ;)

 BECCAAAA i love youu.

 beccas face;<3

here we are again...

 isn't katherine so beautiful?

 my katherine & me

 mariah & katherine. mariah wouldn't smile but you should know it is beautiful.

 oh mariah<3

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Lily Marie said...

Sigh, I love sleepovers. Thanks so much for all the pics, I enjoy them immensely!! =) Friends are amazing, and you girls look like you have a blast together!