Jan 29, 2010

A Story I've Written

You guessed it...our week has been a bit full! :) On Tuesday we went to town then to violin and piano lessons.......then Wednesday we went to piano and to town AGAIN, then yesterday I went to a cousin's house and 50% of my family went to town once more. Today has been a quiet day at home, thank GOODNESS! It has been a really nice day. I have been busying myself with school, music practice, cleaning the basement, cleaning my room, playing with my two little brothers, and doing other random, everyday stuff!
I just thought I'd share a story with you! I hope you enjoy it. I wrote it a couple of years ago. Comment and tell me what you think!!!!!!

Mystery At the Pizza Party

Chapter 1
The Invitation
“Jennifer, Susan, Freddy, look what was in our mailbox!” shouted 13-year-old Arthur.
“Let’s open it!” cried nine-year-old Jennifer.
“Lets!” five-year-old Freddy said.
“I wonder what it is! It says it is from Celia Hanson. I know her! She goes to my school!” said 11-year-old Susan.
“I’ll open it!” Freddy volunteered.
“All right,” Arthur nodded.
“Jennifer, could you read this? I don’t know how,” Freddy handed the note to his sister.
“Of course,” Jennifer smiled. “Oh. It’s written in cursive. Could you read it, Arthur?”
“Okay, it says:
To The Benson Children,
You are invited to a Pizza Party.
Time: 3:30 P.M.
Place: My house
Date: May 10
Please come!
Celia Hanson
“Wow! Shall we go, Arthur?” Jennifer asked.
“If mom and dad say yes,” Arthur smiled.
“Yay! A pizza party!” Freddy jumped up and down.
“I’ve never been to one before. It sounds fun,” Susan said.
“It is. I went to the one at our club.” Jennifer told her.
“I just hope mom and dad give the OK.” Arthur looked worried.
Chapter 2
Going to the Pizza Party
“Oh, Susan, won’t this be exciting? What will we wear?” Jennifer clapped her hands.
“We’ll wear our best skirts and blouses.” Susan shrugged.
“I wonder if there will be a mystery. Remember the last one? That was tricky.” Jennifer said.
“I quite like being a detective,” Susan frowned.
“I do, too!” Freddy chimed in.
“Sometimes it is nice to have a break, though,” Arthur piped up.
“I guess so,” Jennifer said.
“I can’t believe the Pizza Party is only two days away!” Susan grinned.
“I just hope there is a mystery,” Freddy shook his head.
Everybody laughed.
“So do I, Freddy. So do I,” Susan smiled.
“Do you know who is coming, Arthur?” Susan asked.
“Well, I know that Celia’s best friend is coming. She is always invited to social gatherings. I know that ken is invited too. I suppose Celia’s other friend, Gertrude is. I don’t know who else. I think her brother will be there.” Arthur thought.
“I am glad that Gertrude is going to be there. She always is so nice.” Jennifer looked relieved.
“Uh-huh,” Arthur agreed.
“Well, I hope that Sierra is there. She is my friend.” Susan said.
“I hear mom calling me, gotta go.” Jennifer ran downstairs.
“I just want to have fun. No mysteries.” Arthur shook his head.
“I want to have a mystery!” Freddy shouted.

Chapter 3
The Mysterious Guest

“Today is the day of the Pizza Party!” Jennifer cried.
“I’ve been waiting and waiting!” Freddy smiled.
“Well, Jennifer, lets get in our outfit. Boys, go and get your suits on.” Susan demanded.
“Yes ma’am,” Freddy mocked.
“Freddy!” Arthur frowned. “You know better,”
“I guess,” Freddy lowered his head.
The Bensons walked to the Hanson household. They were surprised about how fancy their yard was.
“Wow! I’ve never seen such a beautiful lawn!” Freddy said.
“Look at that little girl over there,” Arthur whispered.
“She is standing under a tree by herself.” Jennifer nodded.
“Let’s go over and talk to her,” Susan said.
They walked over to the little girl and said,
“Hello, are you excited about the pizza party?” Freddy asked immediately.
The little girl ran towards the Hanson home.
“That is strange. She seems so scared.” Jennifer said.
“Yes. It seems as if she is trying to hide something,” Arthur agreed.
“Let’s go and say hi to Celia,” Susan continued.
They walked to the table where Celia and Gertrude were sitting.
“Hi, Celia, Gertrude,” Arthur bowed to the young ladies.
“Same to you, my friend,” Celia smiled. “And how are you girls? And Freddy?”
“Oh yes, we are just fine.” said Jennifer.
“I am good,” Freddy said happily.
“How are you, Gertrude?” Arthur asked politely.
Chapter 4
The Little Girl’s Rage
“I am well.” Gertrude answered.
Freddy whispered to Arthur, “Should we tell them about the girl?”
“Not yet. I think we should get more information.” Arthur shook his head.
“Aw, Arthur, please?” Freddy whined.
“NO!” Arthur said sternly.
“Arthur, what was that about a, ‘girl’?” Celia looked at Arthur suspiciously.
“Well, uh, we saw a girl in town yesterday. She was very nice,” Arthur lied.
“Oh,” said Celia. “Anyway, are you children ready to have some pizza?”
The Bensons walked to one of the tables and sat down.
“Arthur! There is that girl again. She looks like she is trying to be someone else. I know, she wants to make herself look like Gertrude! She is doing a good job of it, too,” Freddy told Arthur quietly.
“You are right, Freddy! Now she is talking to Celia! I see the real Gertrude talking to Daniel.” Arthur said.
“Hey, you girl over there, with the pretty roses on her gown, I know what you are up to! You are trying to be Gertrude.” Freddy glared at ‘the fake Gertrude’.
“I am not! My name is Emily Stevens. Uh, Gertrude Cramer.” Emily screamed. She started throwing all the Hanson’s fancy plates and smashing them on the ground.
“You little, little, I mean, how dare you? You are not Gertrude Cramer. You are Emily Stevens!!” Celia shouted.
Emily ran towards the forest. She was saying bad words. She was saying,
“You will pay for this!”
All the way to the woods.
“Oh my stars! She sure has a temper!” Jennifer sighed.
“I wonder why she is trying to be Gertrude. My dear friend.” Celia bit her lip. “Is this the girl you were talking about? The nice one?”
“Uh, yeah, I guess,” Arthur stammered.
“You lied!” Celia frowned.
“Sorry, we were just saying that because we wanted to know more about Emily.” Jennifer explained.

Chapter 5
Working more on the Mystery
“I guess I didn’t have much fun at the Pizza Party.” Susan said.
“I didn’t either,” Freddy nodded.
“I guess I had fun doing a mystery,” Arthur shrugged.
“Emily Stevens is the rudest girl I ever saw.” Jennifer shook her head.
“Yeah. I sure would like to find out why she is trying to be Gertrude. I’m sure Gertrude hasn’t done anything mean to Emily,” Arthur said.
“Well, maybe Emily used to be friends with Celia, and then Celia and Gertrude became friends, and Emily is mad at Celia, and tries to be Gertrude so she could get all the attention again.” Freddy told them.
“That is a very good idea, Freddy.” Jennifer smiled.
“Yes, that does seem possible. Although I don’t think I’d be so mean if I were in Emily’s place.” Susan pointed out.
“All good ideas,” Arthur said.

“I wonder if we could look up their names in the phonebook. I’ll look under Stevens.” Susan exclaimed.
Susan flipped through the phonebook until she found all the Stevens names.
“Right here it says Roger and Katrina Stevens. The number is 520-7182. I’ll dial it.” Susan told them.
It rang for about five seconds.
“Hello, this is the Stevens household.” A woman’s voice answered.
“Do you happen to have a daughter named Emily?” Susan asked.
“No, we don’t have any children.” Katrina answered.
“Thanks anyway,” Susan sighed.
“Well, no luck there. Right here it says Michael and Andrea Stevens. I’ll dial this number.” Susan grinned.
It rang for 2 seconds.
“Hello, you are speaking with the Stevens.” Michael answered.
“Yes, do you have a daughter named Emily?” Susan wondered.
“Yeah, Emily and Charlie. Why?” Michael asked.
“Oh, we know Emily.” Susan explained.
“Well, I have gotta go. See you later.” Michael hung up.
Susan grinned from ear to ear.
“I found them!” she shouted.

Chapter 6
Finding the Steven’s House

“Good job, Susan! Should we find the address and find their house?” Jennifer asked.
“Sure. Oh, it says their address is:
6788 Pine Tree Drive
That is a funny address!” Susan chuckled.
“I don’t think we should find them unless we check with Mom and Dad.” Arthur said.
“I’ll go ask.” Freddy jumped out of his seat.
Freddy was gone for about five minutes and then he came trotting back.
“They said yes! Let’s go!” Freddy said happily.
“We’ll go as soon as we get our shoes on.” Arthur smiled.
“Okay, let’s get this show on the road!” Jennifer giggled.
They walked down the side-walk.
“Oh, there it is!” Susan said excitedly.
“What a cute little pink house!” Jennifer cried.
“It is, isn’t it,” Arthur said pleasantly.
“I’ll ring the doorbell.” Freddy announced.
“Come in,” said a woman’s voice.
“Hello, we are the Bensons. I am Freddy, and these are my sisters and brother, Arthur, Jennifer, and Susan.” Freddy told her.
“Well, pleased to meet you.” Andrea smiled.
“Could we talk to Emily?” Jennifer asked.
“Of course, she’s in her bedroom. Emily! The Benson children are here,” Mrs. Stevens said.
“Coming,” Emily called.

Chapter 7
Emily’s Reaction
“Uh, hello. I’ve seen you. You were at the Pizza Party! You are the mean kids!” Emily shouted.
“We wanted to ask you some questions,” Susan told her.
“Mind your own beeswax! I don’t have to answer if I don’t want to.” Emily glared.
“Why were you dressing up as Gertrude?” Arthur asked.
“I am not answering you!” Emily plugged her ears, and stormed back to her room.
“Emily Stevens! Get back here!” Mrs. Stevens shouted.
Emily came back, still angry.
“Answer them!” Mrs. Stevens said angrily.
“I don’t know,” Emily frowned.
“I guess we’ll go.” Arthur sighed.
“Bye-bye!” Freddy said.
The Bensons walked down the steps.
“No luck there. I wonder how we’ll solve this mystery,” Susan shook her head.
“Let’s go home. I can think clearly there,” Jennifer suggested.
They walked home and sat on the sofa.
“I don’t think we should try to solve this one. Emily may be right. You know, ‘mind your own beeswax’.” Susan told them.
“No! We want to figure out what Emily is up to,” Freddy frowned.
“I think Freddy’s idea is the best.” Jennifer said.
“I think there could be other possibilities, too,” Arthur shrugged.
“I’m sick of working on this mystery. Let’s go to the ice cream shop and have some ice cream-and a break,” Susan said.
“All right,” Freddy nodded.

Chapter 8

The Bensons ate their ice cream, and then went to Celia’s house to have a meeting.
“Celia, why do you think Emily is trying to be Gertrude?” Susan asked.
“Well, I think it is because Gertrude is the most popular girl in the school. Maybe she wants to be popular,” Celia answered.
“I thought that maybe you and Emily were friends, then you met Gertrude, and you turned your attention to Gertrude. I thought maybe she got mad,” Freddy said.
“Oh, no, me? Friends with Emily? NO WAY!” Celia said, like she couldn’t believe it.
“I guess my theory was wrong, then,” Freddy shrugged.
“Emily sure has a pair of lungs. We went over to her house and tried to ask some questions. She said, ‘Mind your own beeswax! I don’t have to answer if I don’t want to!’” Susan imitated Emily.
“That’s hilarious!” Celia giggled. “She must want you to be scared of her!”
“She’s not scary one bit,” Arthur laughed.
“Nope,” Jennifer agreed.
“If I were you guys, I wouldn’t leave. You should have stayed there if it took you all day, and figure out why she is doing what she is doing.” Celia told them.
“We’d better go, see you tomorrow, Celia,” Arthur waved.

Chapter 9
No Clues?!

“I can’t believe we have no clues! We always have some clues,”
Freddy whined.
“I can’t either. I suppose we could ask Mr. or Mrs. Stevens if they know what Emily is doing.” Susan said.
“I don’t think they’d let her if they knew.” Jennifer said doubtfully.
“Maybe they are all wicked.” Freddy said, making a wicked face.
“No, not Mrs. Stevens,” Jennifer disagreed.
“I’m going over there right now.” Susan stood up.
“Susan, wait!” Arthur grabbed Susan’s sweater. “What if they are mean to you,”
“I’ll be fine. Pray for me,” Susan ran off the porch.
Susan ran to the cute little pink house. She knocked at the door.
“Is it the Benson kids?” Mrs. Stevens answered.
“No, just me. Susan. I thought I might have some luck today,” Susan told her.
“Well, my Emily told me that you are the meanest kids in town. Is that true?” Mrs. Stevens asked sharply.
“No. We are trying to solve a mystery,” Susan bit her lip. “Emily is rude. Do you know if she is dressing up as Gertrude Cramer?” Susan asked.
“Uh, uh, no. No, I do not. And my little girl is not rude,” Mrs. Stevens stammered.
“Can I talk to Emily?” Susan wondered.
“No, especially when you are spying on us.” Mrs. Stevens growled.
“My brother is right. You are wicked,” Susan sighed.
“Oh, are we? Now go!” Mrs. Stevens pushed her out the door.

Chapter 10
I can’t believe it!

Susan walked home sadly.
“Did you have any luck, Susan?” asked Arthur.
“No, I’m afraid. Mrs. Stevens is mean. She said we were spying on her family. And I said she is wicked!” Susan grinned.
“That probably set her off,” Arthur said.
“And I asked her if she knew what Emily was doing. And, she said, ‘Uh, uh, no. No I do not.’” Susan sighed.
“Maybe she does know, then,” Freddy smiled hugely.
“I think she does, too. If she didn’t know, she wouldn’t stammer. She’d say, ‘No.’” Jennifer agreed.
“Yeah. This mystery is way too hard for me,” Freddy sighed.
“With our help, Freddy, you will do just fine.” Arthur laughed.
“I am about ready to scream I am so frustrated!” Susan yelled.
“Me too. I want to go and find mommy and daddy and tell them about it.” Freddy said.
They walked to the kitchen where mom and dad were sitting.
“Hello, children,” Dad said.
“You know about the mystery we are solving, right?” Susan asked.
“Yes, part of it. A girl named Emily, dressing up as Gertrude Cramer. She was mean. That’s all we know,” Mom smiled. “And that you went to their house to talk things over.
“Pretty much,” Jennifer nodded.
“We don’t know if this mystery is worth solving,” Arthur said.
“Our little detectives never give up.” Dad encouraged them.
“I would like to take a break for about a month.” Susan teased.
“I do too,” Freddy nodded.
“I thought you loved mysteries, Freddy,” Mom said.
“I do, it’s just that this mystery is hard.” Freddy said.

Chapter 11
The Mystery is solved

“I am going to Celia’s house. I’m going to see what she knows.” Jennifer announced.
“Be careful, Emily might be there,” Susan teased.
“Oh, you guys, I’ll be fine.” Jennifer grinned.
Jennifer walked five blocks to a pretty pale yellow house.
She knocked at the door.
“Come in,” said Maryanne, the maid.
“I am a friend of Celia’s. Where is she?” Jennifer asked.
“Right this way, please. She is in the swimming pool,” Maryanne leaded Jennifer to a swimming pool.
“Hi, Celia, I was just wondering if you know any more about our mystery,” Jennifer waved to Celia.
“Yes, I do!” Celia smiled. “Maryanne, nothing else is needed, you may go.”
“Ring the bell if you need anything,” Maryanne left.
“What is it?” Jennifer asked impatiently.
“Emily came over here this afternoon, and looked in my bedroom window! She looked at my room longingly, glared at me, then left,” Celia giggled.
“Hush, Celia, there she is now! She is walking in to this room!” Jennifer cried.
“Hello, you two. I need to confess something,” Emily smiled slightly.
“You do?” asked Celia.
“I wasn’t invited to the Pizza Party, and so I got mad. I came disguised as Gertrude Cramer. I knew she would be there, so I started talking in her tone.” Emily explained. “And, umm, Jennifer, I’m sorry I talked rude to you and your brothers and sister.”
“Thank you for apologizing, Emily. Do you want to be friends with the Bensons, Gertrude, and I?” Celia smiled sweetly.
“Yes, I’d like that very much,” Emily grinned.
“Emily, let’s go to my house and talk to Susan, Arthur, and Freddy.” Jennifer took Emily’s hand.
“Good-by, Celia!” Emily and Jennifer said together.
“Good-by,” Celia waved.

Chapter 12
All is forgiven

“We’re here,” Jennifer said to Emily.
“Hello, Jennifer you’re-that is Emily, the mean girl! Shoo, Emily, shoo!” Freddy waved his hand at Emily.
Emily and Jennifer looked at each other and giggled.
“Emily has something to tell you,” Jennifer smiled.
“I wasn’t invited to the Pizza Party and I was very angry. I came dressed up in some of Gertrude’s clothes and spoke in her tone.” Emily explained.
“Oh.” Freddy said.
“I am very sorry for being mean to you guys. That was very rude.” Emily gave them all a hug. “Can we be friends?”
“Of course, Emily, all is forgiven.” Arthur smiled.
They all took hands and walked to the Ice Cream Shop.
The End


Lily said...

Very interesting story, Lulu! I had so much fun reading it! You've inspired me to write my own mystery...(grin) and I've decided to start one, soon! I can't believe you said you wrote that story a year or so ago! When I wrote stories back then, they were so cheesy and unrealistic and never made sense! Your story, however, was very creative! Thank you for sharing!
Your sister in Christ,

Lulu said...

Hey Lily! How are ya doing lately? I hope you are doing well. Today I am having my birthday party.I'm turning 12 in two days. Thanks for the compliment! I've always had a love for writing.......just let me know if you want me to post more stories on here! Have a good Sunday!

Emma Lou said...

Yeah, I like your stories too. Remember when you sent me everyone on the computer!!! Those were really good.(grins) Have you found a publisher yet?!?!?! (grins)

(Lily, all of my stories STILL sound cheesy! It's just me though because all of my friends like them.

Emma Lou

Lily said...

Hi Lulu!
I am doing well! Hope you have (had) a WONDERFUL birthday party! Being twelve is so much fun! Happy birthday!!!!!!! I'll turn thirteen at the end of March. And yes, I so want you to post more stories! They're so fun to read! Also, it'd be great if you could figure out how to post videos! Anyways, it was just a suggestion.
Your sister in Christ,

P.S. Oh, hello, Emma Lou...nice to meet you! My stories are also still a little corny. :)

doodlemackeroodle said...

Nice story, Luku...I love mysteries! This will be one of my favorties!

doodlemackeroodle said...

Oh my! I am *so* embarrassed. Sorry, Lulu! I called you 'Luku' in my past comment. Sorry about that! :) I can feel myself *blushing*. I messed up a little...I type so fast. :)