Mar 25, 2010

My Cases Against Evolution

Hello. Lately I've been thinking about evolution...and how I think it is soooo wrong. I have several challenges for evolutionists here. If you want to use them, you can! These are not meant to offend anyone here-because none of you are evolutionists. Just a tool and something you can agree on with me! :)

1. Challenge # 1:

Think about babies growing inside their mom's stomach. Okay, weird thought. Anyway, how on earth could something like that just happen by chance! There had to be a creator! Babies were perfectly designed--and didn't evolve from monkeys, who didn't just 'appear' by a big bang.

Challenge # 2:
Okay, so you maybe sometimes look up piano prodigies on Youtube. Okay, not everyone of you--but some. :) How could those amazing young pianists just 'happen by chance'? Again, those young pianists had to have an amazing creator! Could you imagine a monkey trying to play? No. You couldn't.

Challenge # 3:
Okay, the theory of us 'evolving' from monkeys is completely absurd. You wouldn't say this: Oh yeah, I evolved from a great white shark. Evolutionists would think you are nuts. Well, they already do, but you get my drift. Well, how did they come up with the monkey theory? Okay, so they have fingers and toes. That's pretty much it. Okay, squid have eyes similar to humans. Could you imagine any evolutionist saying we evolved from a squid? I don't think so.

Challenge # 4:
The piano can change someone's life. Radically. Okay. Today I was practicing my piano. Ya know when you like cross your hands and play two different parts? How exactly could that evolve? I mean.....really? So, ask an evolutionist (if you know one) to come listen to you play a piano song. When they say 'Oh, that's amazing!' (all evolutionists are not right-out nasty) Say, "Really? I think so too..but really, it's not that hard to understand, because, God made me to do it! And God can do anything." See what they say.

There are several more that you can think of! I would recommend reading Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh's a thick thick book with everything against evolution. I've never read it myself (LOL) but heard it's good. Might be, ah, too in-depth for me, a mere sixth grader. Okay, enough said. Go and share it with the world.


Lily said...

Wow Lulu--those are good. And now I have another one for you...
If there really was a Big Bang and the universe simply came together randomly to fit together into planets and stars, then how did the earth turn out to be the only planet that supports life? And how is it that no other surface on earth supports life? How is it that we have nine planets circling perfectly around the sun, in their own orbit by themselves. Could that had just happened by a random explosion?
My answer is...
No. Not at all! There had to be a loving Creator, to make life possible on the earth, the only life-supporting surface in the whole universe. God is amazing, and nothing 'just happened'. Thank you! I love evidence against evolution.

Lulu said...

Thanks Miss Lily-my faithful commenter! Great point! And, also, how could someone (or animal!) have a partial brain as they were evolving. I don't think so. :) Blessings & hugs.

Gwendolyn said...

Happy Palm Sunday Lulu!
(That's a really good post).


Lily said...

Blessings and hugs to you too dear Lulu--I LOVE being called your faithful commenter! Just inform me if being the one commenter on every post gets a bit annoying once in a while. :) Yeah you have a good point in your comment too. Partial brain while evolving...

doesn't make sense to me either. Luv u!
Lily Marie

Lulu said...

Lily: I don't mind if you comment on every post; actually I like it! LOL.
Gwynne: Yeah, happy LATE Palm Sunday to you too! Thanks!
Blessings & Hugs to you all!
Proclaiming HIS Name,

Lily said...

well Im glad you like it Lulu dear :)