Mar 22, 2010

Quiz Time Monday....restarted!

I'm sorry for my lack of Quiz Time Monday!'s! Really sorry about that....let's start it up again!

1. The Larson family cycled at a rate of 22 miles every 2 hours. At this rate, how far did they ride in 6 hours?
2. Which would be the more sensible measurement for: (m, km, cm, mm,)
a. the distance across a state
b. the height of a building
c. the width of a half dollar

3. 2
-- x 9=

4. Kyle tried 15 free throws and made 9. Write a ratio and divide to show what percent of his free throws Kyle made.
5. 13.7
x 0.6
6. _
15 divided by 3 =

Sorry guys...that's all I have time for, but it should challenge you! LOL. Anyway...please be praying for our auction sale (tractors, combines, etc.) tomorrow. We have prepared for a mega-long time for this and are anticipating it. Pray for safety, that it will go well, etc. Thanks! Hugs and blessings!


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Lily said...

I will pray, Lulu. Sorry I can't answer the quiz questions right now at least I hafta go. But I will eventually when I have time. :)