Mar 21, 2010

Purity Conference

Hey ya' was your weekend? Mine was great! I went to a purity conference for girls ages 11-19. The topics were:

1. The Heartbeat of Purity
2. Purity in Real Life
3. Relationships, Your Future, and the Will of God
4. A call to Transforming Purity

The speaker was Amy Vest. She was super great! My life was turned around at that conference. I highly recommend (if she ever comes to your area =D) for you to go to one of her conferences! You've probably heard of Sarah Mally. Well, Miss Amy is a lot like her! I really liked session 3 and 4. She was really funny and easy to listen to! Most importantly, she is completely dedicated to the Lord. She has been working with us younger girls (not me in particular!) since 2000. I recommend purchasing some material on it! Click HERE to go to her biography page.


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Poppy Eyebright said...

My life has been changed too! She pointed us to the Savior all the time.