Jul 30, 2010

VBS pictures

I can't believe I dared to post this picture of me!! It was of me this morning!! I look like that when I first wake up. Ugh!! :) LOL.

L to R: Harlie, Elise, and my sister!! (sorry, it's really blurry)

My crazy friend Hannah!! :) Kudos to you Hannah! :)

Amanda with Rhegan

My two buddies (their names are BOTH Amanda!!)

My friends Amanda R and Amanda L's little brothers!! L to R: Mason and Truitt-best buddies!! they're both 9. :)
two of my best buddies Renae and Rachel (Rachel is on the right...she is dressed up like an Egyptian, but Renae didn't want to!! :D )
I got some pictures at our church's yearly VBS!! This year the theme was Egypt: Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace. It was FUN!!! :) :) :) Well..I'll talk to you later!!


Gwendolyn said...

Neat pictures!

Becca Charity said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I love looking at your blog! I hope that you like to blog a lot because I love looking at the posts! well can't wait to see you! talk to you later bye!