Jul 5, 2010

Wissmann Family!

From L to R: Susanna, Rachel, Matthias, Ruth, Nathanael, Gloria, Charissa, Loren, Alaythia, Elizabeth, Andrew, Bethany, Stephen, Hannah (not pictured: Josiah)

Here are some pictures of the Wissmann Family that are from their website! I really enjoy the Wissmanns' music! They're such a blessing to the people they minister to! Aren't they simply an adorable family???

Click HERE to visit their blog. We're looking forward to seeing them at the Lake Itasca Family Bluegrass Festival.


Gwendolyn said...

I love the Wissmann's music! We're hoping to go to the Lake Itasca Family Bluegrass Festival also :D.

Lily said...

The Wissmanns are awesome! I love their music and have memorized nearly all the words on whole CDs!!

Lily said...

P.S. Not to be rude, but here's a little edit tip! You accidentally mixed up Matthias and Stephen when you were naming them on the second photo. Stephen (even if he is younger) is the taller one and Matthias is the shorter. Sorry to sound bossy but I just wanted ta let you know!


Lulu said...

Lily~no, that's okay!! :) I did know that-but I always get confused. Oops. :) Haha!!

Lily said...

Thanks for not getting offended, Lulu! :D No biggie!