Sep 9, 2010

My 110th Post Giveaway!! :)

This is my 110th post!! :) I'm having a great giveaway.
THE FIRST PLACE WINNER: Will get a copy of my friend Mattie's published book, Appaloosy. It's a great book and all you horse lovers will really enjoy it. It's one of my favorite books! :)
THE SECOND PLACE WINNER: Will get a free blog makeover!! :) A button and header to match your background.

What you need to do to enter:
for an entry: Say you want to enter.
                   follow my blog.
                 post on your blog about my giveaway. Include a link to my post. (also leave me a comment with a  link to the post.)

for two extra entries: Advertise my blog link on her blog.

There are three entries possible that you could get. If you only wish one, only do the first three things.

THE DEADLINE: September 25th, 2010, 12 AM CT
I WILL ANNOUNCE THE WINNER: September 27th, 2010

Have fun entering and spread the word! If you win (first and second), I will ask you to email me your mailing address at this email:


Lily said...

I'm not entering, Lulu, because I don't have a blog (yet), but Happy 110 Posts! They have all been delightfully fun and encouraging so far, and I look forward to many more to come! (forgive the cheesiness)
Can't wait to see pictures of that new cute little girl! Oh wait, it could be a boy. :D

Lulu said...

Aww thanks for your comment Lily!! :) Maybe if Annie enters she'll let you read the book if she wins. :)
Big hugs for you.
P.S. Wouldn't it be delightful if we met someday? That would be awesome!
P.P.S. Nope, your words weren't too cheesy. :)

Sarah H said...

I would love to enter! I will be posting on this on my blog soon!

Lily said...

Thanks, Lulu!! ( I love when you answer my comments)
I bet Annie would let me read it. :D Yes, it would be truly delightful to meet someday!!! Though both of our not-revealed addresses do bring up a sort-of problem. ;)

Anyways, still praying for baby and your mom!

Erin said...

I would love to be in the givaway!

Erin said...

I follow your blog too :)

~Miss Zara~ said...