Sep 7, 2010

Photo Shoot!!

My darling sister--Ruthie, photo by me

I'm falling!!!! A photo of my sister Ruthie--photo by me

J-O-Y in my heart! photography by Ruthie

Deep in thought--photography on my camera by sister Ruthie

up in a tree-photography by my sister Ruthie

Ahh-didn't mean for me to not be smiling in this picture!! My sister Ruthie snapped it. :)

Ahh!! Me hanging from a tree! Photography by Ruthie

A photo of me--photography by my sister, Ruthie.

Thanks for looking at these photos!! My sister and I had a great time taking them together. :)


Lily said...

Those are all wonderful pictures, Lulu!! I especially love the 3rd photo that's sepia-colored. Amazing! Ruthie did great. Tell her she did!

Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pics Lulu and Ruthie!
My favorites are the 1st and 3rd ones.