Oct 25, 2010

The Sound of a Violin

The sound from a violin (or any stringed instrument) makes chills go down my spine! I love the way violins look, sound, and smell....oh wait I can't smell mine. Take out that last bit then. :)

A lovely violin

I am so glad the the Lord created Jubal (see Genesis) to create instruments and lovely things for us to play! Music is a way that you can have fun, get your feelings out, and most importantly to glorify GOD! How awesome it is that we can have fun playing a beautiful instrument and honor Him by playing worshipful music at the same time!

A beautiful cello

Thank you Lord, for Your blessing of music and instruments! 

What instrument(s) do you play! Drop a comment and let me know!  

I am sorry for not posting the photo credit before, it escaped my mind. Anyway, I got it off of Photobucket. :) Those pictures are so gorgeous! :)  


Lily said...

Did YOU take those pictures? They are amazing!! ;) Or did you find them on Photobucket or Google?

I play piano, and it is such a blessing! I also would love to learn violin, but lessons don't seem available at the moment, and I am having a blast with the piano!

Anonymous said...

I play violin and piano. i have a blast playing them!=)
P.S. Great pics!!!

Emma Lou said...

I play violin, piano, guitar and mandolin.
See you at Symphony!! :)

Emma Lou

MattieR said...

Hi Lulu!
Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my blog!!!!!!!!!!
I play fiddle and guitar. I took one year of lessons on fiddle then self taught myself the rest. I wish I could take lessons though sometimes:)

Anonymous said...

I play piano and viola :) and I found you via the comments at Bethany Wissmann's blog! :) If I can remember your blog, I will be back again :)