Oct 26, 2010

There are two.......

First, I made a new award for blogs!! :) It is the Eye-drawing Posts Award and it's for people who have really interesting posts!

 I designed the logo for it on Picnik...

Here it is:


I award this for the FIRST TIME!!
(please copy & paste the rules to your blog too)
Here are the rules:

1. Award 4 bloggers you think are deserving of this award.
2. List them with the links on your blog.
3. Copy and paste the tag to your blog.
4. Answer the tag.

I award these people:

Miss Laney at Got Freckles
{Laney is a very interesting blogger and her posts always keep me on my toes}
Miss Maggie at Bliss 
{her posts never fail to amuse me...}
Miss Eden at Growing in Him
{I love how her posts keep me reading with plenty of pictures and colors}
Miss Hope Marie at Walking with Him
{her posts are word-filled and adorable}

Here is the tag:

(Answer ONLY with the first letter of your last name!)

A state?
South Dakota
A country?
A food?
A clothing store?
Savers! *grin grin*
A fruit?
A girls' name?
A boys' name?
An activity?
Softball playing (I was about to say softballing...silly me!)
A dessert?
Strawberry salad!
A town?

 Copy & paste that to a new post and delete my answers!  HAVE FUN!!


ALSO.......I have failed to announce the winners of my giveaway. There were only two entries (grin grin) and I chose the winners by writing their first letter of their first name and drawing them.

Miss Erin! Congrats girl! You get a signed book, Appaloosy, by Mattie Richardson! It's such a good book!

Miss Sarah! You get a blog design (header, button, signature) with an UNLIMITED NUMBER of drafts! Congrats! (If you don't want a blog design that's okay!) 

I am happy for both of you!

Mattie Richardson bio:

Mattie Richardson is a 16-year-old young lady who has been home schooling for her whole life. She published her first article when she was thirteen years old, in her local town's newspaper. Her first novel was printed in December 2009. She is currently working on her second novel. For more info on her, contact me at

Till next time



Laney said...

Aww, thanks for tagging me! This looks really fun, I'll definitely try to do it! :)

Eden said...

Thanks for awarding and tagging me, Laney! Those questions look like lots of fun. I can't wait to do them and will let you know once I've posted my answers. Have a blessed evening, friend!

Lulu {the designer} said...

Laney: =D
Eden: I can't wait to see your answers!

Talk to you ladies later!!


Foto Freak said...

Very good idea--eye-drawing posts. I think I can be worthy of this award at times. :) I'm quite random. You have a gorg. blog!

Lydia said...

I LOVE the shoes in your header, too cute!! Sorry, I notice EVERYTHING. {Just ask my family.} I know a friend's blog who would be *quite* deserving of this award, though I'm not allowed to give her blog name out and it's closed to outsiders. Great idea 4 an award!

Becca said...

Cool, girl! (I'm a fan of new awards and stuff if you didn't know. Well now you do!! :D)

Home Sweet Home said...

Neat, check out my BLOG!!

Kendra said...

You did a good job making that award!