Oct 30, 2010

Why My Family Doesn't Celebrate Halloween

No, we don't celebrate it. This is a post on why we don't.

First, if you do a little research on the history how Halloween started, I think that would be enough to make you stop celebrating it. It's a holiday started by pagans hundreds of years ago. They put out fruit, vegetables (think pumpkins??) to keep the spirits from harming their livestock. Think of it this way: They put out treats to keep tricks away. So every time anyone person says "trick or treat" they're basically saying 'Hey spirits, should I give you a treat, or are you gonna trick me?'.
I know some of you might be saying "What's wrong with celebrating it! I mean my little sister dresses as Cinderella!" Well yes. On the surface it may seem harmless (that's the devil's specialty -- making things look harmless -- remember, the garden of Eden??), but once you do your homework on it you realize it's not that harmless.

Our church does a 'Hallelujah! Party' on the night of Halloween. We do fun games, we don't dress up, we have a sermon by our pastor, and then we give each child a bag of candy with a tract. We use this as an outreach for children who would normally go out trick-or-treating and be exposed to ungodly things, and also for an alternative for our congregation's children. No worries -- I'll post pictures of the Hallelujah Party on the 1st. (big smiles)




Gwendolyn said...

We used to do a Hallelujah party at our church, but sadly the population of children dwindled. October 31st is also Reformation Day, and we have celebrated that for several years. Anyways, have fun at your Hallelujah party!


Lily said...

I was like SO agreeing with you throughout this whole post, Lulu! That is pretty much everything my family believes. We used to hand out gospel tracts from our door to other younger kids who came 'trick-or-tricking'. Like Gwen said, have a blast at your Hallelujah party! Share pix, too!! ;)

Alaythia.W said...

Are family doesn't celebrate Halloween ether. And I am grateful for that! I haven't seen you for ever. It would be fun if you can come agian next year! Love in chirst Alaythia.W

Lily said...

Wow, 22 followers, Lulu!! You're definitely getting there!

Lulu said...

Gwendolyn - We celebrate Reformation Day, too!

Lily - Haha, my mom loved your comment. :) We live out in the boonies so no one really comes trick-or-treating either. :)

Alaythia!! - What a surprise, miss Wissmann! It was fun reading your comment! :) Oh I know, I haven't seen you in THREE MONTHS!! :P I think we will come to Itasca next year! YAY!!
Lily - haha, I never would've dreamed... :)

MattieR said...

I was at the Hallelujah party on the 31rst. It was lots of fun for the kids and they were very pleased with their bundles of candy! (and just think, it was easy. . .they didn't have to run around the neighborhood to get it!)

Anonymous said...

I REALLY like your blog!! :) It's one of my favorites:)