Nov 8, 2010

Banana-Yogurt Surprise

Since I'm on Annie's Sugar-Free Challenge, I've been looking for desserts that aren't ice cream, candy, cookies, etc.

I sort of innovated a new recipe!

Banana-Yogurt Surprise

You will need:

1 ice cream cone ~ 1/4 of a banana ~ vanilla yogurt

Instructions: Slice part of a banana in 4 little sliver-like slices. Insert 2 of the slices into the bottom of the ice cream cone. Next, scoop a spoonful of vanilla yogurt on top of the banana. After that, put 2 more slices of banana, and add another spoonful of yogurt, then you've got it! I made one tonight....they're delicious! (you're welcome to share this if you like it!)

Hope you take the time to make this, it's so delicious!
*note, since the challenge is not COMPLETELY off sugar (ketchup, milk, yogurt, etc.), this will have a bit of sugar - of course not near as much as you'd have if you'd be having *treats*. Just clarifying.


Annie said...

Hello Lulu,
What a fun recipe! It sure sounds like you're enjoying it. =) I hope to post my favorite no-sugar recipe one of these days. =)

Lily said...

Sounds yummy!

Lulu said...

Annie - I can't wait to see it!
Lily - It *is*!

Blessings to you both!


MattieR said...

Wow, good job Lulu! I don't think I could go without sugar for a day (I'm used to working in an ice cream shop:) much less more than a whole month! Good job and keep it up! Cool recipie too. I'll have to try it.