Nov 11, 2010

A Delightful Fall Tag

My Favorite Fall Sight! {image from Photobucket}

I got this tag from Laney.

1. Favorite Smell? I love the smell of my mom's fall-scented candle.
2. Favorite Food? I love burritos.
3. Favorite Color?  In winter I like blue, in the summer I like yellow, in the spring I like pink, and in the fall I like orange.
4. Favorite Drink? Healthy drink? Milk. Unhealthy drink? Iced mocha.
5. Favorite Treat? Although I can't have treats, my favorite treat would have to be rocky road ice cream.
6. Favorite Place to go? There are zillions of places I like to go, but I love going shopping in the mall.
7. Favorite Candy? Like I said, I can't have candy right now, but my favorite candy is Skittles.
8. Favorite Clothing to wear? I love my white cardigan and my gray exercise pants! (not together.)
9. Favorite Fall Holiday? Thanksgiving.
10. Favorite Haunted place? I don't go to haunted places.
11. Favorite Pie? Apple!
12. Favorite Fall Hobby? Leaf-pressing, baking pie, and decorating our house and room!
13. Favorite Fall Sight? I love maple trees in the fall, because they're dark red.
14. Overall Favorite thing about Fall? Thanksgiving and the leaves.

I tag
Emma Lou


Sarah H said...

Thanks for tagging me!

MattieR said...

Hey Lulu!
Would you please tell me what a tag is? You can comment it on my blog.
(Check out my new follower icon/picture. I actually got it to work!)