Nov 19, 2010


I need to apologize to you all.

I've been posting kind of  fake lately. I have been posting things just because I know people like it, or because I saw it off of a popular blogger's blog.

I have not been posting things that aren't truly what the Lord has put on my heart, or that I think I should post about. I have been posting things that I knew would please you, so that's why I posted them. I have been thinking that I need to do more things to make myself more readers, comments, or followers. I think 'Boy, I need to have more giveaways and challenges! I know people like that.'

And that, my friends, is a wrong motive for blogging. I shouldn't be posting to make you all feel-good or happy inside. I should be posting things that my Savior lays down on my heart, and what He thinks would encourage other young ladies.

I apologize sincerely for being a 'fake blogger'. I never thought I'd post something like this, confessing this and pouring out my heart on the internet, but I did.

You're going to see a new blog now. You may not feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you read my posts. My future posts will make you think, encourage you in your faith in the Lord, and give you home making ideas that God knows would be beneficial when you're older. But never fear - my funny side isn't fake. I'll still be funny and try to keep you reading instead of drooling through the whole post just so you can comment and actually say you read it. But I'm not going to be fake.

I'm sorry if I've led you to believe that everything I've posted is something that I've felt led to post, because it's not. Some of the things are things that I've felt would make my blog more popular.

I hope you forgive me and come to my blog ready to learn more and be inspired for your Maker. Welcome to the real me. I'm done being a fake blogger.


Kendra said...

That sounds good! :D

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

I know what you mean about blogging. Blogs make life look so lovely and delightful all the time, but we all go through struggles as well. Looking forward to your posts! Your posts are so delightful! =)

Love your header, too! Did you create it on picnik, scrapblog or something else?? Just wondering! It is very pretty!
Joyfully in Jesus,

Lulu said...

Elizabeth - Agreed! About the header - yes, I made it on Picnik. :) I guess people who also use Picnik can tell more, huh? :)

Thanks for commenting, girls! :)

Lily said...

I totally understand about struggling with being your real self. Sometimes it can be hard for me to be the SAME person around different people. It shouldn't be, but it is something I have struggled with for a while. I believe the Lord is helping me though, and He'll help you too. Thank you so much for your very true, sweet confession; you made yourself look even more like the courageous and kind Lulu you are. ;) I understand. Excited to see more posts, just like I've always been!

(oh, and I could use a few encouraging words about inner beauty right now. ;) Thanks! Just a little idea for future posts.)