Nov 16, 2010

Beauty Tips

I know, I know -- the past couple of posts have been beauty or fashion tips. I'm going to be focusing my next couple of posts on inner beauty. :)

These are my most-valued, most loved, must have beauty items! :D They're great stocking stuffers or buy them for your own personal benefit.

First of all, I highly recommend Maybelline Shiny-Licious lip shine to those of you who love your glossy lips, and that need a lip gloss that does a quick fix and doesn't require blotting, like regular lip stick does. This stuff works wonders and looks so pretty on your lips, plus makes them feel and look moisturized. (I have problems with dry and cracked lips...ugh) I found this for: $1.00, and it's lasted me months! (isn't the picture scrumptious, and make you want to buy it?)

This stuff is amaaazing! It keeps those zits away while making your face moisturized, yet not greasy. It makes your face soft and pretty, and makes your smile glow even more. This stuff doesn't make your face itchy and red as some products do. My mom got it for me and I don't know where or how much. :)

Hope you guys find this useful, because I sure did/do! Make sure you tell me if you end up buying this stuff! I'd highly recommend buying both items!

(no, I was not paid to advertise, I just am in like with these products and know other people may benefit (or people's faces at least) from this!:D) 

p.s. visit Polka Dot Photography, my new photography blog, for my photography. There aren't many photos yet, and it's under construction. Just sayin'! {care to be a follower? grin}

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Lily said...

Hey, your photography blog looks fantastic, Lulu! I'll have to look at it more closely some time, but it's so cool for now!