Nov 13, 2010

Let My Life...... a light!
Let my life be a light
Shining out through the night 
Let my life be a light on a hill
Leading souls gone astray to the straight narrow way
Let my life be a light to some soul



Lily said...

Beautiful picture, encouraging words!

Becca said...

I LOVE that song! Lovely picture, do you have a photography blog? I noticed the text box on the photo: bright light photography. Gorgeous!

Janna said...

Is that a song? It sounds like a song. ;) It SHOULD be a song! Simply lovely.

Maggie said...

Aww, that comment you left made my day! Here I am sick (as in my head has been on a pillow all day and I am begging to go to the doctor, which must mean I am sick because I hate going to the doctor) wanting to jump up and down because I just read one of the most wonderful comments I've gotton in a while.

Thanks so much girlie!


MattieR said...

Good idea, Lulu. I like your new blog title, and the fashion stuff! I am far from a girly girl, always wearing jeans and a plain Tee shirt, and I kinda sighed when I heard the word "fashion" but I like what you have here! Cool outfit. Good job, keep posting!