Nov 15, 2010

Fashion Monday

I think know that you are thinking 'Why does she change her blog title constantly'? Well, I have been trying to find a title that fits my personality, and I think this is it! I love polka dots...and, well, this is just a silly type of title, but I like silly things. I'm not going to change my title any more.

I've decided to start 'Modest Fashion Monday' every Monday (you probably figured that out.), where I'll post pictures of clothing items that are modest, fashionable, cute, and that fit the season.
 The categories are: Highly formal, formal, dressy, and casual, and maybe I'll post cute PJ's too.  Here are today's outfits.

A cute adorable outfit from Aeropostale

 Here's a casual outfit fit to wear to town, a friend's house, or that mall trip with your mom.

 Applique Light Wash Flare Jeans from Aeropostale
These jeans aren't too tight, they aren't too low of a rise (if they are, just wear a longer shirt or cardigan) 
$22 at Aeropostale

Long sleeved vertical graphic tee
This shirt was hard to find! Most of the other shirts at Aeropostale are scoop-necked, v-necked, or just plain low.  
$17 at Aeropostale

Plain-lined zip front Aero graphic hoodie
 The Aeropostale casual outfit just wouldn't be complete without this must-have hoodie! This also comes in other colors, like gray, navy blue, and pink, but this is my personal favorite color for this hoodie.  
$24 at Aeropostale

Multi-chain heart necklace
 Every girl needs her accessory, and necklaces are must-haves. This necklace is simple and will go well with a casual outfit. 
$15.50, Aeropostale

Total comes to: $78.50

Let me know what you think!


Lily said...

I LOVE the blue jacket, it really stood out, how CUTE!! And I love your idea of Fashion Monday, I look forward to next week! I think your blog name too is really great, it just might fit!

Lily said...

Haha Lulu, I just noticed what you said about my long comments above the comment box, you're so CUTE!! (not the little-kiddish cute, the mature teen cute?!? I don't know! Whatever. :P :D Anyways, you're hilarious!! Love ya!)

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

I love the blue jacket, too! My favorite color. :) Like you new header! :)