Dec 8, 2010

our orchestra played this and i heart it.

This song is amazing. We played this at our orchestra performance! Normally I'm not much for so much 'rockiness' but this is AMAZING! :) My friend, Emma Lou, and I and our other friends played the violin part of this at our orchestra concert, yes, it had the awesome electric guitar. Yes, it had the head-blasting drums (which I sat 6 inches away from.). That's what makes the song, peeps! :) It was even more amazing to play it. Don't you love how they synced the house lights to the music? :) So, as you listen to this, pretend you're sitting at a stage listening to junior highers perform this. :)
Lemme just say, ya gotta watch this, even though you may not be a rock person. While you're at it, comment with what feature you like best. My favorite is the beautiful, amazing cello at the very beginning. Enough rambling, just listen.


Alexandra! said...

Thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog! :):):)

Your blog is really pretty!

miss m said...

Love this type of music. :)