Dec 8, 2010

tips to make your blog better.

1. no clutter allowed.
Don't clutter your sidebar with a bazillion buttons, blinkies, words, etc. Honestly, do you think many people actually care about that? This distracts people from your actual posts. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to open an interesting-looking blog and be disappointed by the clutter.

2. keep it simple.
You don't need to make every other word a different color. It's best to keep the font black (depending on your blog color) or white. It's sometimes even too over-stimulating to have a solid color, like red, green, etc. 

3. check your grammar & spelling.
Even if you're not a great speller, use the spell check or ask your mom or dad to help. It's really annoying reading blogs when almost all their words are misspelled, or when they use their words out of place. It leaves me puzzled in what they're trying to say.
4. keep your content interesting.
Don't post things that are random, or asking people what you should post about. I despise seeing titles like 'Random' or 'Miscellaneous' (unless it's Miscellany Monday). I can't tell you how quick I jump over to blogs when I see their title. 

5. blog design up-to-date?

Now, I can't think of a single blogger (mostly people who know how to design their own blogs) who has kept their design for over a month. Change your blog design (unless someone custom-made it for you, and you paid for it, and you just LOVE it) often, no one likes monotone blogs. Change it up once and while. You know I have. Make sure the header is interesting. That's the first thing that a reader should see when your blog pops up on the WWW. If you know how to design a header, why make the background white and the words black, font Times New Roman? 

6. no text-talk.

If you just really feel like saying 'oh my gosh', why don't you just say it and not 'omg'? People also may think you're taking God's name in vain if you do 'OMG'. It's very annoying going to blogs and seeing something like this:
i went 2 th store 2day & it was vry fun pls cmmnt with ur thots.
 Ugh, ugh, ugh. Annoying and immature. Just save your text-talk for....umm.... texting?

  7. complainers, off the blogosphere.
If you're frustrated with your sister, there's no need to let your blogging friends know. Talk to your mom, pray to your Father, and read your Bible. You don't need to post things like 'I didn't get to go to so-and-so's birthday party today and I'm mad. So what am I going to do? I'm so mad and I wish I could go to so-and-so's party.' Keep that to yourself.


Yes, those are my tips & advice. I'm not pointing fingers to any of my readers, these are just reminders. 


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Awesome tips! And beautiful BLOG> :D I'll TRY to follow, though my computer is giving me a hard time with that. But I'll definetly read!



Shelley said...

Nice tips! I also dislike those blogs that always use 'text talk' and blog about their entire life! Great post! :)

Amanda said...

Nice tips - I definitely have to agree with the text talk part... It drives me nuts!

Thanks for stopping by (and following) Farmgirl Writes! I've enjoyed looking through your blog. I just entered your Name That Character game - it was really fun! I just knew that I had to do it when I saw how many characters I recognized! ;)

miss m said...

I agree with Bleah Briann...awesome tips. :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll follow your blog, but I would be happy if you followed mine(only if you enjoy it). ;) I'm putting you on my "fave blogs to visit" list.


Erin and Co. said...

Well written post, but remember the uniqueness of the blog world is that everyone has their own way and style.. :) Too many "rules" (i know you don't mean these to be makes blogging a know what I mean?

Erin @ I Should Be Studying

Maggie said...

Hehe, my blog design has been the same for 6 months...but changes are coming soon! :-)


Lulu said...

Thanks everyone! Maggie - Your blog is nice without changes......because it's so cute and professional (do those words mix?), but I can't wait to see the new look! :)


Rae B said...

Those are some awesome tips! Thanks for sharing! =)


Alexandra! said...

Those are great tips!
I some times think that my sidebars are to filled up.
And unfortunately, I don't know how to make my own header.

I'm constantly changing my blog background, it's hard for me to keep it the same! :P

Mouse & Magoo said...

So love the sixth and seventh. SO true.

I agree, I also don't like those text talker's. Well, I mean, not them, but what they know :)
Also those people who complain on there blogs. Like, take a break! Talk to the One who actually takes away your pain! Although i understand it's good to get it out :) Plus the talk that doesn't even make sense, and doesn't REALLY matter...a pet peave.

Jesus' Richest Blessings!
I am looking forward to reading more of you posts!!


Anonymous said...

Good points. BUT what about the fact if you are a blogger who conducts alot of business on your blog and NEEDS to put advertisement/sponsor buttons/link exchange buttons up on the blog??

Just sayin. But, anyhow great tips! :)