Dec 30, 2010

early finalists

Yes, I know I said the finalists would be announced January 2nd, 2011, but since no one has entered for a week I'm posting the finalists now.

It was very difficult trying to pick out just 2 pictures for finalists! Every picture was gorgeous, thanks for all the beautiful entries!

 The picture above was snapped by miss Guinivere. I always came back to this one, mostly because of the drops on the rose! It's so lovely!
I love the angle of this photo, and the blurry background that makes you look right to the flower. Gorgeous.This was taken by Lauren.

I have a poll on the sidebar asking which one is your favorite. Please vote on which one you like best!


Guinevere said...

Thankyouthankyouthankyou! :)

Hannah Elizabeth G. P. said...

It won't let me vote on the poll and is ahrd to read your posts. for some reason, all the blog buttons you are sharing on your sidebar are covering up stuff...

Hannah Elizabeth G. P. said...

guess my computer was being bad. ots fine now. Thanks!

Lily said...

Am I allowed to vote? I like the first one best, but the second is beautiful as well. Oh! And I voted on your poll. I picked Guinevere's.