Dec 30, 2010

i'm advertising

Wow, lots of people want followers lately. Hmm. :)

Kendra's blog. Where do I start? The design is cute, the author is awesome, and her posts are fresh. And new. And real. She's so amazing for her age! As young as I, but a much better..umm...put words together person! See, that didn't make sense, sorry, I'll have to work on that.

Kendra's family is a missionary in Egypt. That's part of what makes her blog so interesting. But, they are moving back to Kentucky tomorrow, so Kendra is wondering if she should just stop blogging altogether. I say 'no way, Kendra girl!'! I think you should check it out and reassure her that her blog need not be closed! Yes, Egypt makes a blog interesting, but with a blog with such a potential it shouldn't be stopped!

And she'd also appreciate tons of followers and comments when she gets back to Kentucky! I mean, wouldn't that be a great "welcome home" present?! So I suggest you 1) check her blog out. 2) leave an encouraging comment. 3) follow her.

You won't be disappointed.

Also, Hope Marie {another great blogger} is trying to get 50 followers by the New Year. I just checked her blog and she has only 9 to go! Go over there, follow her, and spread the word! {and I'm sure she'd love even more than 50! grin}
walking with Him

And a big 'thank you' to everyone who followed, I, currently, have 50 followers! I'm so glad I reached that goal, now I can relax and sit back in this office chair instead of being a hypochondriac and checking my 'followers' widget every time I sit on the computer. {okay, so I didn't do that before...but still}

Oh yes, you may have noticed a button! And I made it. And installed it. And I'm super happy! So, the purpose of a button is for followers to take it, right? So feel free. {it's on the sidebar.}

Blessings, Hugs, Grins, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Hope Marie said...

Thanks so much for doing this Lulu I'm so happy to almost have 50 followers! Thanks again, Hope

Hannah Elizabeth G. P. said...

Amen! (to Kendra being totally awesome and that she shouldn't stop blogging)