Dec 14, 2010

miscellany monday {a day late}

*gasp* I forgot to do Miscellany Monday yesterday. Shame shame on me! :)

1. ballet.

Oh, how I love it! The orchestra I play in accompanied the Camria Ballet dancers for one of their songs at their performance on Saturday. The lovely song was 'Dance of the Reed Flutes' from The Nutcracker Suite. I admit, it was amazing! I used to be in ballet, but quit when music took over.

2. concerts.

We've been to 4 concerts this past weekend! Two on Saturday, two on Sunday. That explains why this blog has been neglected. On Saturday we went to my dad's choir concert and my orchestra's performance, and on Sunday we went to our grandpa's Master Chorale concert, then our dear friend Becca's choir concert. I am really in the Christmas spirit now. 

3. denim.

Denim skirts, jeans, I love all denim! I have about 10 pairs of jeans, and our friend Jordan altered a skirt that had a split knee-high. Ooh, love that denim.

Sorry my Miscellany Monday was short, but I have to leave now! Talk to you lovelies later!   


JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Thanks for sharing, Lulu!
1) Ah, yes, The Nutcracker is enjoyable to watch and I'm sure you did a great job playing your violin!

2) Wow! Concerts are such fun and lots of memories. Our church's children's choir had their concert on Sunday and it was lots of fun and memories. The Lord provides so wonderfully!

3) Yes, I love denim, too! I'm wearing my favorite denim jeans right now--so warm and comfy.

Blessings, Lulu!

Anonymous said...

Wow, girl, you've got a lot of jeans! :-) I hope you don't mind me asking, do you actually wear them all?

Alexandra! said...

I love ballets!
I've only seen two thugh, but they were amazing!

Ps. I tagged you at my blog!

Lily said...

Here's some random, miscellaneous fav.s of mine!
1. books!
2. Christmas (everything about it!)
3. cute stuffed animals (yes I am nearly 14. haha =)
4. long winter skirts
5. scarves
6. dates with Daddy
7. School. (JUST KIDDING!!!)
8. fancy cameras. <3


Lulu said...

Elizabeth ~ :)
Anonymous ~ Yes, I do wear them all. Seems strange, doesn't it? :)
Alexandra ~ Aww thanks so much girl! :)
Lily ~ Awesome! Ooh, I love dates with Daddy too! :)


Gwendolyn said...

Hi! I have never been to a ballet, but have seen some clips of one. It's become one of my top things to do someday.
I'm sure I would have never been able to keep my mind on my music if I was playing for ballet dancers :).


Abby said...

I love denim! I don't have any jeans, but I do have three denim skirts that I wear all the time.

Thanks for following my blog! I'm following you now.

Abby :D