Dec 16, 2010


If you're like me, you're a perfectionist and can't get to sleep unless your room's spic 'n' span. Here's me:

I'm laying peacefully in my bed one blustery, wintry night. I glance at my room and think 'wow, it's sure messy' I rise out of bed, turn off the light, and get cleaning. Maybe it's 10:00....

You get the idea. I am a perfectionist most of the time and can't stand wearing colors that don't match, wearing pajamas all day, or letting one teeny-weeny stain be even though it's a work shirt. Yep, that's just me.

Do you think that's the type of perfection that the Lord wanted us to strive for? I personally don't think He wants us to strive to have everything 'all together' in our lives,and have everything just 'perfect'. I think He wants us to strive to be like His Son, perfect in attitude, mind, words, and actions. Of course this will never occur for us wicked sinners, but He always wants us to keep on striving for it. 

I don't think He cares if we have one itsy-bitsy stain on our shirts if we're having a work day at our house. I don't think He minds if we do have a pajama day once-and-a-while.

In closing, what are YOUR thoughts on perfectionism? Are you a perfectionist, like me, or are you content with having a stain on your shirt on a work day? How do you think the Lord wants us to try to be 'perfect'?



Annie said...

I'm a perfectionist too! I suppose a lot of firstborns are. I don't think God requires perfection in us, but He does want us to be holy. "Be ye holy because I am holy." (Some versions even use the word "perfect".)
Perfection can be a gift, because it makes you more aware of things, good or bad. Being more aware of things can give us a compassion for others, which is definitely a good thing!
In Christ,

Abby said...

Oh! I am practically your opposite... *grin*

I believe that while we should not shoot for perfection, we should shoot for excellence. Great post!

Abby :D