Dec 29, 2010

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I've got a blogroll...oh yes I do! And I'm so hyped! What is a blogroll, you ask? It's that little section of my blog {over on the sidebar} that has a bunch of scrolling buttons.Yes, I did it myself. Well....with the help of Olivia over at Robin Blogs. I love her easy-to-understand tutorials! So if you are interested in a blogroll, click on the hyperlink above {where it says Robin Blogs}. Please let me know if you'd like me to add your button to my blogroll!

I'm only 2 followers away from 50 followers! I'm so honored that people are following me. This is a huge turning point in blogging and I feel so encouraged that currently there are 48 people who took the time to follow this little blog. I hope to grow my blog and make it more of a ministry/devotional sort of blog when I'm older and have a couple hundred followers. {if I ever get there....haha}

Our family is on Christmas break right now and I am enjoying it so very much. I've had time to listen to music, spend time with siblings, hold my baby brother, play the Wii, and, of course, blog. Christmas break is such a refreshing time and I'm sure I'll be ready to dive right back in to school work after the New Year.

I'm very excited to go and see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie this week. The Narnia series of movies {and books} have been my favorite movies forever! I love the fantasy style of them, and the sweet Pevensies that make them up. This week we hope to see the latest movie, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We own both of the previous two movies and I can't wait to see this one! Have you seen it yet? If so, are you pleased with it? 

I have $25 to spend at Target. Oh yeah! :) I got a $25 Target gift card from my grandparents and am still deciding what to buy at "tar-get boutique" you got any suggestions?

Target Bullseye Icon and Voyage of the Dawn Treader cover from Google images.

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Alexandra! said...

I recently got a blogroll too, it's really col!